Here is the mount attached to the fire extinguisher.  As you can see, a pair of hose clamps firmly secures the extinguisher to the mount.  I’ve attached the tether to one of the hose clamps.  Unless the hose clamp is removed, you won’t be misplacing the retaining pin. 

Another thing I like about this mount is that it will accommodate various sizes of extinguishers.  A lot of the mounts I have seen (and used) would fit a specific size extinguisher and that was it.  This mount is not married to a specific size fire extinguisher being strapped to it.  All you have to do is get a different size hose clamp.

I was trying a few different mounting mounting options.  In this case, heavy duty nylon straps are being used to secure the mount to my TJ’s roll bar. 

A pair of wood screws (or bolts) with counter sunk heads will secure the mount to my rear storage box that is bolted into the rear of my TJ.  Since the mount is designed to be used on both flat and round surfaces, you really have no limitations as to where you decide to mount it.  As long as you can easily get to the extinguisher when you need it most, any reasonable location would be a good one.I’ve exchange a number of e-mails with Billy, the owner of Off-Road Solutions, since I found out about this fire extinguisher mount.  Billy designed it and uses a local machinist to produce these top quality mounts.  For the folks that only want to purchase “Made in USA by a wheeler for wheelers” products, look no further….you found it.  For the folks that appreciate the weight reduction that aluminum brings to the table, you found it.  For the person that wants an upgrade from the plastic mount that comes with some fire extinguishers, you found it.  For the person that wants his TJ to be a bit better than the others on the trail run, you found it too. That is about it for now.  Check out Billy’s web site for pricing and ordering info.  Do yourself a favor and tell your significant other that you found the perfect gift for them to give you….Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.  If that doesn’t work, just buy one for yourself and call it good.