1-2-3 Towels

Summer is here and with it comes LOTS of heat for those of us who live here in Arizona (yeah, I know, it’s a dry heat….and I’ve heard it a thousand times).  On or off the trail, there are times when you need a small wipe/towel to do a quick cleanup on your face, wipe lunch off your 2 year old, or use as a napkin during that long drive to Grandma’s place.  You might even need one to apply over a bad cut to help stop the bleeding.  And when you are done, you’d rather not smell like a baby wipe (if you are like me). 

So why am I bringing this up?  Because I got a very small package in the mail the other day and thought this was just too cool not to share with you all.  First, let me thank the folks at Safari Straps for sending the package.  For some reason, they thought I might need some of these….and after thinking about it for a while, I realized I did!  Now how they figured that out before I did is beyond me, but I guess that’s what makes they good at running their company.  I realize this isn’t a Jeep mod on account of you can’t bolt, weld, or strap it onto the TJ….but none the less, I think it rates an honorable mention so here it is. 


A package of “123 Towel” is what came in the package from Safari Straps.  The package holds 10 of these tiny little towels.  I guess I should say they are tiny right up until you introduce them to a little bit of water than then stand by….you’ll get a small towel that is roughly 12″x9″ in size.

That lady that spilled McDonald’s hot coffee ended up making McDonald’s put “Caution: Contents are Hot!” on the lids of their coffee cup.  I have to wonder a bit just how many folks tried to eat these little dinner mints before they decided they should tell people not to do so.  You gotta wonder!

With the wrapper off, you have a standard issue, one each, pellet pellet kind of thing that stands no taller than 25 cents worth of nickels.  It is a bit smaller in diameter than a nickel too.  All in all, that makes for a pretty small package.  Not sure how many pounds of pressure was used by the company that made these but I’ll bet it was a few. 

123 Towels are individually wrapped and are germ and bacteria free.  They are made from 100% cotton and are bio-degradable.  They are absolutely small enough to allow you to pretty much carry or store them anywhere.  Toss some in your glove box, fishing tackle box, purse, fanny pack, shooting box, and your first aid kit (you do have one in each of your vehicles, right?).

After you remove the towel from its package, just add a small bit of water (about 4 tablespoons…you don’t have to be exact) which causes the little pellet to grow into a little towel stack.

After it has grown into a stack, you simply unroll it into its full size.  Did I mention these little towels do NOT smell like baby wipes?  (thank heavens!)

There you go.  Once unfolded, its big enough to take care of those various jobs I mentioned previously, and then some.  It is not highly absorbent as it is more of a mesh construction.  None the less, get it wet and lay it across your face….(ongoing testing continues here in Arizona)….and it feels nice and cool.  It really does! 

So there you go.  This is one of those mods that won’t break the bank and is guaranteed to come in pretty darn handy when you need one.  I’ve stashed a few in my TJ’s first aid kit and put a couple in the center console too.  I think Donna was hoping I might stash a couple in her car also for when she has our almost 2 year old grandson.  (little boys will be boys for sure!)

Safari Straps has these on their web site for just $2.50 a package.  You can’t go wrong picking up a couple of packages.  Heck, be the hero in your family and get a few for your brother, sister, or Mom and Dad.  They are bound to appreciate them too.  Just remember….don’t eat them, OK?