1999 jeep wj

Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Guide

Looking to go deep on the Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee? No problem - our comprehensive Jeep WJ guide covers everything that current and prospective owners need to know about the second-generation Grand Cherokee.

WJ Overview

A brief guide to the new Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee.

2003 jeep grand cherokee wallpaper

Model-Year Guides

Curated guides for 1999-2004 WJ's.

2004 jeep wj grand cherokee overland

Jeep WJ Engines

Guides to the 5 available engines.

4.7L High-Output PowerTech V8 Engine

Pics & Videos

Great crowdsourced photos & videos of the Jeep WJ

2002 jeep wj grand cherokee

WJ Data, Specs, & Research

Prepare to geek out.

2004 jeep wj

Everything Else!

150+ pieces of WJ Grand Cherokee content.

2004 jeep grand cherokee overland
2003 jeep grand cherokee wallpaper
1999 jeep wj grand cherokee interior
4.7L HO PowerTech V8
2002 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Limited

Grand Cherokee WJ Model-Year Guides

Meticulously researched and curated, our comprehensive Jeep WJ model-year guides illustrate changes from year to year, specifications, available options, and more.


The WJ is born.

1999 GRand Cherokee Guide

1999 jeep wj grand cherokee


A warm reception.

2000 Grand Cherokee Guide

2000 jeep wj grand cherokee limited


Powertrain & technology updates.

2001 grand cherokee guide

2001 jeep wj grand cherokee


New trims & coloi options.

2002 GRand Cherokee Guide

2002 jeep wj grand cherokee overland


A short-run year + new technology.

2003 Grand Cherokee Guide

2003 jeep grand cherokee wallpaper


The final year for the Jeep WJ.

2004 grand cherokee guide

2003 jeep grand cherokee engine bay
4.0L PowerTech Inline-6 cylinder engine
4.7L PowerTech V8
4.7L HO PowerTech V8
OM612 Diesel I5 Engine
1998 vs 1999 jeep grand cherokee cherokee

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Jeep WJ Photos, Videos, & Other Media

Sourced from fellow Jeep enthusiasts around the web.

2004 jeep grand cherokee

Jeep WJ Technical Specifications

From lighting to suspension, physical dimensions to in car electronics, we have meticulously curated a incredible amount of WJ Grand Cherokee resources, technical specifications, data sheets, and more.

Even More Jeep WJ

Our latest Jeep WJ content is posted here. Looking for something else? See more Jeep Grand Cherokee content.