Hi-Lift Handle Hugger

OK….so this isn’t exactly your heavy duty Jeep mod, but since it goes on something that goes on your Jeep, I decided to make a few comments on it. 

I think it is safe to say that many of us have suffered with the rattling of a Hi-Lift jack handle in our Jeep.  I’ve seen almost everything imaginable used to quiet up the handle.  Well, a Jeeper by the name of Mike Schwitzing, who happens to have access to a high pressure water jet cutting machine, decided to use this cool little piece of hardware and take a shot at solving this handle rattling issue.  The result is what you see in the following picture.

I personally think it is a pretty cool idea.  It is a simple solution for a very common problem….smaller than a bread box, no moving parts, nothing to lubricate, and best of all, it comes in basic black so it will work with ANY color scheme you might be sporting on your Jeep!

Here is the Handle Snubber installed and ready to do its job.  It is a tight friction fit and has not moved in the month I have had it on.  You slip it off to use the jack and back on again when you are done.  It comes with no install instructions but I am thinking most folks won’t have a problem with this!  I was one of a couple dozen beta testers here in the Phoenix area.

Last time I checked, Jason at www.4x4groupbuy.com was selling them.  Jason was running an introductory price on these when I checked his web site.  I do not know how long this will continue.