Lights Out

Every now and again, you come across some cool idea and you think to yourself, “Now why didn’t I thnk of that?”  Lights out is just that little gadget…and I wish I had thought of it! 

Here is some verbage, direct from the man who came up with the idea….Eddie Eggers.  He says….


“I would like to tell you about a new product I�ve invented called “LIGHTS OUT”. It is used on Jeep Wranglers to turn the dome lights out when doors are removed.

I bought a new Jeep this year and when it finally got nice enough outside to let the top down, and take the doors off, I ran into a problem. After removing the doors the dome lights remained on. The owner’s manual said that after 20 minutes the dome lights would automatically go off. So I thought the problem was solved until later on that night when I jumped into the Jeep and ran up to the store, the lights stayed on the entire time! The next day I called the dealership and asked them how to turn the dome lights off. They said you must pull the fuse. I said “What!” I�m not pulling the fuse! This is a “$27,000 Jeep! It�s brand new! I�m not pulling the fuse, there has got to be some clip or something that holds this button in on the door! The dealer said it was a good idea, but there was no such thing. I thought to myself, there has to be something on the market, so I looked through all the catalogs and magazines I could get my hands on, I even looked through the Internet, and found nothing. So I went to the garage, and made my own. They worked absolutely perfect. I thought to myself, I could�NT have been the only person to have this problem. So every time I saw a Jeep with the doors off, I would try to see if they had anything on the dome light switch holding the button in, usually it was duct tape! I realized that there was a market for the little clip that I had invented in my garage. So I went and got a patent, found a manufacturer to produce them for me and now I am selling them.”

It really is a no-brainer gadget.  You simply squeeze the spring slip together…..

Push it onto the door switch so the button is depressed and release the spring.  The spring grips the switch body and holds the button depressed….LIGHTS OUT!

Yes, I know this is a light weight Jeep mod compared to some of the things we see done to our Jeeps.  However, you can’t deny the fact that it is cool and it does work.  The pics above (with my dirty fingers) were taken of my TJ and as you can see, there is sufficient clearance for it to work even with a dash mount sports bar.  So drop Eddie an e-mail or pick up a pair from Quadratec for less than $10.