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Jeep and Dodge vehicles improve in dependability

[August 9th, 2007 –] Jeep® and Dodge brand vehicles have improved in dependability, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Vehicle Dependability Study. The study, released this morning, showed that the Jeep brand was the highest ranked brand of The New Chrysler. It had 219 problems per 100 vehicles, improving 45 points in dependability and moving up from 26th in the standings to 15th for one of the most significant improvements in dependability of all the brands studied.

The Dodge brand improved 22 points, but fell one position to 25th in the rankings. The Chrysler brand dropped in the rankings to 28th overall. The Chrysler corporate average improved 8 percent from last year’s study. Ten models of The New Chrysler scored better than the industry average compared with three last year. The Lexus and Buick brands tied for first in the study’s rankings of dependability. The study reports the number of problems per 100 vehicles at an average of three years in service.

2007 Vehicle Dependability Study (PDF)

Updated “AE” navigation software released

[September 15th, 2006 –] Nav disc P/N 05064033AE has just been released and is now available. This version supersedes the “AD” version which was released last February. Alaska & Hawaii are still not covered. Canada coverage has 9 provinces, as in the AD version. There appear to be some firmware changes but it is not known yet what these are. The same disc is used for both the older RB1 and the newer REC navigation radios. MSRP for the disc is $199.00.

For REC navigation radios:

Application Version: 02.04.00
Database Version: 05.0503.00.072506.0003

For RB1 navigation radios:

Application Version: 02.30.00
Database Version: 05.0503.00.072506

The DVD contains coverage across the continental United States and Canada with over 6 million miles of road and more than 8 million points of interest. Points of interest include over 471,000 restaurants, over 69,000 hotels, over 116,000 ATMs, and over 93,000 gas stations.

Recall starts for Grand Cherokee Fan Blades, August 24, 2006 – In June the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 131,441 Grand Cherokee SUVs from the 2000 and 2002 model years will need to be returned to dealers to repair the electric cooling fan because the plastic blades on the fan may separate and penetrate the fan shroud. NHTSA warned that if the Grand Cherokee hood is open when the fan blades come apart, anyone standing near the engine compartment could be struck by a flying blade, possibly suffering serious injury.

Recall letters are now being sent out and starting next week Jeep dealers will begin replacing the cooling fan module on affected models free of charge. All 2000 model year vehicles built from January 31, 2000 through June 12, 2000 and all 2002 model year vehicles with a 4.0L engine built from February 4, 2002 through June 17, 2002 are affected. For more information and a copy of the recall bulletin see Grand Cherokee Recalls.

WJ front brake pulsation class action lawsuit settlement, July 21, 2006 – WJ owners who have or have had issues with pulsating brakes, warped rotors may be entitled to repairs that would be covered under warranty via terms of a recent class action lawsuit.

On July 20, 2006 a mailing began to all members of the class 2003-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees sold in the U.S. that includes a FREE brake inspection certificate to be redeemed at an authorized Jeep Dealer. The repair procedure, if required, may involve rotor resurfacing or replacement, and/or brake pad/caliper replacement.

1999-2002 WJ owners are included under a subsection of the settlement that is still pending. A decision is expected later this year. Details will be posted as soon as they are received.

2003-2004 WJ owners still within the 3-year/36k mile original warranty: A free brake inspection will be performed by your local dealer. If the vehicle is determined to have pulsating front brakes a repair procedure will be performed at no cost. This may include rotor resurfacing or replacement, and pad/caliper replacement.

2003-2004 WJ owners still with an expired warranty: IF you contacted DCX about a brake pulsating problem while the vehicle was still under the original 3-year/36k mile warranty then the brake repair may be covered.

2003-2004 WJ owners who paid for out of warranty brake pulsating related repairs: You may be entitled for reimbursement. Send a copy of your receipt to the address listed in the TSB.

PDF file of complete bulletin:  TSB 05-003-06

PDF file of complete warranty bulletin and lawsuit:  Warranty Bulletin F17

Recall issued for 2002-2004 Grand Cherokees with heated seats, July 20, 2006 – The front seat electric heating elements on about 123,000 2002-2004 Grand Cherokee vehicles may overheat and cause an interior fire under certain operating conditions. The recall involces replacing both front seat heating elements must be replaced. DaimlerChrysler will repair vehicles free of charge (parts and labor). Here is the link to a PDF file of the complete recall bulletin:  Recall F17.

Jeep® Patriot and Jeep Compass Point Brand into New Territory

  • Jeep® hints at global portfolio expansion with world premiere of Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass concept sport-utility vehicles at the 61st International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt
  • Pair of compact Jeep SUVs designed to appeal to all-new buyers
  • Two concepts complement each other, yet target different consumers

Frankfurt, Sep 12, 2005 – Jeep® designers have gone to the extreme once again, creating two all-new sport-utility-vehicle (SUV) concepts that could expand the Jeep brand into new territory.

The Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass concepts are compact Jeep 4x4s that would deliver fun, freedom, utility, capability, as well as the potential for exceptional fuel economy and interior flexibility — all at a great value. Making their debut at the 2005 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, these concepts hint at two future compact SUVs that the Jeep brand could build for global markets as soon as next year.

With the potential for the powerful yet fuel-efficient all-new 2.4-liter World Engine and a state-of-the-art 2.0-liter diesel (for international markets), the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass concepts could be coupled with a new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). All-new Jeep technology also would give these two concepts Jeep 4×4 capability.

The two very distinct interpretations of a compact Jeep complement each other, yet target different sets of customers who seek great value and fuel efficiency. The Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass concepts would expand the brand’s global lineup, which includes Jeep Commander, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty (Cherokee outside North America) and the legendary Jeep Wrangler.

“The Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot concepts prove Jeep continues to explore new territory,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President – Design, Chrysler Group. “These concept vehicles would allow Jeep to provide best-in-class capability to the compact SUV buyer at a great value, and do so with the credibility that only comes with a Jeep.”

Jeep Patriot Concept: A Modern Interpretation of Classic Jeep Styling Strong and capable, the Patriot concept is unmistakably Jeep, designed to appeal to compact SUV buyers who want traditional Jeep styling with best-in-class off-road capability. Jeep Patriot is rugged, exuding the brand’s key attributes of mastery, authenticity, freedom and adventure, but would still offer exceptional fuel economy, interior flexibility and utility at a great value.

“Simple, geometric forms and planar surfaces define Jeep Patriot’s timeless, purpose-built design,” said Creed. “Patriot’s face features Jeep’s signature seven-slot grille, a robust bumper, round headlamps, raised, free-standing fog lamps and a visible skid plate. All of this gives Jeep Patriot its robust, strong, capable off-road image.”

Painted Armour Green with black door handles, body-side moldings, black accents, dark tinted windows and a stiffer windshield, Jeep Patriot would be built for maximum cargo volume, rugged driving conditions and excellent utility. Four doors and a rear liftgate provide easy access to the Jeep Patriot concept’s spacious and functional interior.

Classic Jeep design cues include aggressive 17-inch off-road wheels and tires housed inside signature Jeep trapezoidal wheel openings. These combine with a raised roof rack that can hold additional gear to provide a no-nonsense, functional statement. Jeep Patriot’s higher beltline completes the vehicle’s protective profile.

The rear of the vehicle features an upright backlight and a bold bumper that further illustrate the Jeep Patriot concept’s interior spaciousness and add to its rugged appearance and capability.

Jeep Patriot not only looks like a Jeep, but all-new Jeep off-road technology would ensure Jeep Patriot could be a Trail Rated 4×4, which would make it the most capable vehicle in its class.

Jeep Compass Concept: A New Type of Jeep in a Contemporary Package Sleek and sophisticated with a rally car toughness, the Jeep Compass concept would deliver Jeep fun, freedom and capability, broadening the global appeal of Jeep and attracting new buyers who might not have previously considered the brand.

“The Jeep Compass concept is an all-new kind of Jeep,” Creed said. “Compact and nimble, the Jeep Compass concept is the right size for world markets and would offer performance, fuel economy and value in the highly competitive compact SUV segment.”

True to Jeep’s signature design cues, the Jeep Compass concept features the brand’s signature seven-slot grille, round headlamps, large and capable fog lights and trapezoidal wheel openings.

A steeply raked windshield, an expressive hood, low-to-the ground stance, deep fascia, wire mesh grille texture and prominent lower intake give the Jeep Compass concept a powerful and capable appearance. The Jeep Compass concept’s side profile is highly sculptured. Powerful fender forms exaggerate the Jeep Compass concept’s athletic stance, performance 19-inch wheels and red-line tires.

From the rear, a roof-mounted spoiler completes the Jeep Compass performance message. The deep fascia is uniquely styled to accommodate a large chrome dual exhaust system, which also reinforces an aggressive, performance-oriented character.

Jeep Patriot Design dimensions

Wheelbase: 103.7 inches (2635 mm)
Overall length: 173.7 inches (4411 mm)
Overall width: 69.1 inches (1756 mm)
Overall height: 65.6 inches (1667 mm)
Front overhang: 34.7 inches (883 mm)
Rear overhang: 35.1 inches (893 mm)
Front track: 59.8 inches (1520 mm)
Rear track: 59.8 inches (1520 mm)
Couple (1-2): 32.5 inches (825 mm)

Jeep Patriot Tire/wheel sizes

Front: 235/65R17, 17 x 6.5 inches
Rear: 235/65R17, 17 x 6.5 inches

Jeep Compass Design dimensions

Wheelbase: 103.7 inches (2635 mm)
Overall length: 173.4 inches (4405 mm)
Overall width: 69.3 inches (1761 mm)
Overall height: 63.3 inches (1607 mm)
Front overhang: 34.5 inches (877 mm)
Rear overhang: 35.1 inches (893 mm)
Front track: 59.8 inches (1520 mm)
Rear track: 59.8 inches (1520 mm)
Couple (1-2): 32.5 inches (825 mm)

Jeep Compass Tire/wheel sizes

Front: 255/50R19, 19 x 7.5 inches
Rear: 255/50R19, 19 x 7.5 inches


Jeep® Grand Cherokee sales total more than 3 million

Auburn Hills, Mich./Stuttgart, Germany, Apr 14, 2005 – The Jeep® Grand Cherokee, which debuted by being driven through a glass wall during the North American International Auto Show on Jan. 7, 1992, recently broke through another barrier: North American sales of the vehicle that redefined the sport-utility market surpassed three million units in March. Worldwide, nearly 3.5 million Jeep Grand Cherokees have been sold since that memorable introduction 13 years ago at the Cobo Convention Center in Detroit.

“The first Jeep Grand Cherokee created the luxury sport-utility market,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President – Jeep. “Since then, many very strong competitors have intensified the full-size SUV market. Yet, none have matched Grand Cherokee’s combination of legendary Jeep 4×4 capability, on-road refinement, technological innovations and safety features.”

Jeep Grand Cherokee sales in March 2005 were 18,828 units, lifting sales to 3,013,296 units since the 1992 introduction of the vehicle. Last month’s Grand Cherokee sales were up compared to February 2005 (15,531 units) and March 2004 (17,105 units).

The first Jeep Grand Cherokee (code named ZJ) was introduced as a 1993 model. It achieved levels of comfort, ride and handling previously unavailable in a sport-utility vehicle, and was the first SUV to be equipped with a driver’s side air bag.

The second generation Grand Cherokee (WJ) was introduced in 1998 as a1999 model. Among its noteworthy features was the new Quadra-Drive® transfer case. A new concept in four-wheel-drive systems, it incorporated a progressive, speed-sensing torque transfer coupling. The system marked the first industry use of Vari-Lok axles that had progressive, speed-sensing torque transfer differentials, in both front and rear axles. Combining Quadra-Trac II® and Vari-Lok yielded the revolutionary Quadra-Drive system, which, without any driver involvement, keeps the vehicle moving even if only one wheel has minimal traction – a key customer benefit under all driving conditions.

The current model (WK) was unveiled last year. All-new from the ground up, the award-winning 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best Grand Cherokee ever. Besides three new full-time four-wheel-drive systems, two new transfer cases, all-new independent and front suspension, rack and pinion steering (Jeep firsts), and an all-new five-speed transmission, the current Grand Cherokee was the first Jeep vehicle available with the 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 and the Multi-Displacement System (MDS). MDS imperceptibly deactivates four cylinders when the V-8 is not needed. (The all-new 2006 Jeep Commander, due in showrooms this fall, will also be available with the HEMI engine.)

The design of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is athletic and contemporary, yet embodies classic Jeep styling, including the Jeep brand’s signature seven-slot grille, round headlamps and trapezoidal wheel openings. The new interior is refined, featuring a two-tone instrument panel with an easy-to-read instrument cluster, firm, beautifully crafted seats, chrome accents throughout, a gated automatic shifter and plenty of storage bins.

Safety features include Electronic Stability Program, an All-Speed Traction Control System, advanced multi-stage air bags with an Occupant Classification System, anti-lock brakes, and SmartBeamTM headlamps that automatically and quickly adjust high-beam brightness and intensity, depending on nighttime light sources or traffic.

Jeep brand sales continued their monthly sales acceleration by posting sales of 40,491 units in March, an increase of 1 percent over February 2005 sales.


Coming soon:

HO engine history update:
2001 model Grand Cherokees

Drive the new Commander at the NY Auto show

New York, Mar 16, 2005 – Back by popular demand, Camp Jeep® New York and the Jeep Trail Rated® Test Track return to the Big Apple for an encore performance at the Jacob K. Javits Center during the New York International Auto Show (NYAS).

Bigger and better than ever, the 45,000-square-foot display boasts a new 20-foot hill climb, 37 New York-area bands, the Jeep Life Card consumer VIP program and a special Jeep Kidz area. The interactive Jeep® display will give consumers an opportunity to truly experience the world’s most capable 4×4 vehicles and the lifestyle that goes with them. Chrysler Group is the only automotive manufacturer to offer on-site test drives at auto shows.

The all-new 2006 Jeep Commander – the first ever seven-passenger, three-row Jeep vehicle – will make its debut and join the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Liberty on the Trail Rated test track, which will showcase the Jeep brand’s off-road capabilities, including traction, articulation, ground clearance, maneuverability and water fording. Ten vehicles will operate on the test track at any given time and an additional 26 vehicles will be on display, including the Jeep Commander, Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Hurricane.

“People want to do more than just look at vehicles, they want an experience to remember,” said George Murphy, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for the Chrysler Group. “At the Jeep display, event goers will see the vehicles inside and out, feel their capabilities and get a taste of the lifestyle that goes with the brand.”

Test Track Fun Facts

  • More than 3,000 yards of dirt will be used to construct the Trail Rated course, which equates to more than 130 truckloads. All of the dirt used will be recycled and returned back to the original source.
  • More than four tons of rocks, boulders and gravel and 7,200 feet of graphic material will be used for theme and dйcor purposes.
  • More than 16,000 feet of electrical cabling – the equivalent of more than three miles of cable – will be used for lights, power and displays.
  • Course construction will take eight days.
  • It will take nearly seven minutes to ride the circuit of the Jeep course (great roller coaster rides last about three minutes).

For those who wish to get a peek under the curtain before the show starts – along with special VIP treatment at the show and a chance to win a new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle – the Life Card Program is available. By logging onto and signing up for Life Card, NYAS attendees will receive access to a personalized page on and a special Life Card to use at the event. Cards can be picked up on site at the Jeep display.

Life Card holders can simply swipe their cards at the e-shot and “I Am Jeep” photo areas to have a picture taken with award-wining vehicles or in virtual Jeep Gear clothing. Photos can be downloaded or emailed from immediately following the event. In addition, each swipe of the Life Card provides an entry into a vehicle sweepstakes, up to 14 entries can be earned. Additional entries can be earned by emailing the event photos to friends. The drawing for sweepstakes is Dec. 31, 2005.

Jeep Trax returns to NYAS and is bringing 37 New York-area bands to the stage. The emerging artists will perform in 30-minute sets daily from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. For a list of bands and performance times, visit In addition to live acts, SIRIUS, the exclusive satellite radio provider to Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, will have its world-class DJs entertain the auto show crowds.

Also featured is the Jeep Kidz zone, which includes “Kidz Safe” where visitors can have digital photos taken of their children and receive complimentary Home Organizer software, including the m.i.l.k. (Managing Information on Lost Kids) Digital ID kit, and the “Jeep Kidz Course” where kids ages 3 and up can test drive their very own mini Jeep vehicles.


For exclusive information on the new Commander visit

Jeep Hurricane concept debuts in Detroit

“That Jeep Gotta HEMI®?” – “Yea…..TWO!”

Details and specifications

Jeep Gladiator concept debuts in Detroit

Details and specifications

2004 Final Editions roll off the lines at Graz

Jeep Grand Cherokee Final Edition, Dec 23, 2004 – The last models of the 2nd Generation Grand Chrokees rolled off the assembly lines this week at the plant in Graz, Austria. Production started winding down in October when a limited production run of 1200 special “Final Edition” models were produced. The custom diesel editions featured a special chrome package, “Final Edition” badging and custom floor mats, a BlueHeat engine/interior heating system, rear Park Assist system, UConnect hands-free phone system and lighted interior door sills. For more information and photos see our Final Edition page.

The all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee “WH” export models will begin production next March and go on sale in April/May. The optional navigation radio, designated “REJ”, will be very similar to the “REC” model that is being offered in the North American market WK Grand Cherokees. Both models feature a 5.8-inch full-color display, MP3 playback capabilty, AM/FM stereo and six-disc CD system. This is good news for Grand Cherokee export buyers as they were never offered the popular RB1 navigation radio that was sold in North America.

Like the WK, the WH will feature two models at launch, the Laredo and Limited. Engines offered will be the 4.7 V8, 5.7 Hemi and a 3.0 V6 turbo diesel. Transmissions are the the same as for North America, the W5A580 and the 545RFE, as are the NV140 and NV245 Transfer cases. The 2005 export model year will be short, starting March 7th and ending September 2nd so that 2006 models can coincide with the release of the 2006 models in North America.


Jeep to show new concepts, new models
at upcoming 2005 auto shows, Dec 14, 2004 – Jeep will premiere several new concept and production vehicles at the Detroit North American International Auto Show and at the New York International Auto Show in March.

Detroit auto show (January)

At the upcoming Detroit show, which starts on January 9th for the press, Jeep will show at least two concept vehicles. Our prediction is that they will debut the Gladiator pickup concept and a perhaps a concept of the new entry level “Compass” Jeep. “Scout” is another Jeep name under consideration for this model, but nothing official has been confirmed or announced yet.

Chicago auto show (February)

No new Jeep products are scheduled for introduction at the Chicago show in February, but featured will be the World’s Largest Indoor Auto Show Test Drive Track. The track will be 1/2 mile in length, circling the perimeter of the 156,000-square-foot McCormick Place exhibit hall. Consumers will have the opportunity to test drive Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge products on the specially designed course. The collective displays are the largest ever constructed in Chrysler Group history.

“Camp Jeep(R) New York at the Jacob Javitz Center was a homerun earlierm this year, drawing over 300,000 visitors and conducting more than 36,000 test drives over a two-week period,” said George Murphy, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Marketing. “Based on this overwhelming success, we decided to expand the concept to include the Chrysler and Dodge brands in Chicago.”

The test track will include a Jeep Trail Rated(R) course to demonstrate the Jeep brand’s off-road capabilities, including traction, articulation, ground clearance, maneuverability and water fording, and a Dodge truck off- road course. Thirty vehicles will operate on the test track at any given time, featuring Chrysler and Dodge brand passenger cars.

Track Fun Facts:

  • More than 115 semi-trailers of track material, audio-visual equipment, exhibit properties and vehicles will be hauled into the exhibit space at McCormick Place.
  • Over 1,100 cubic yards of topsoil, boulders, gravel, concrete and course timbers will be used.
  • More than 40,000 feet of electrical cabling, the equivalent of nearly 8 miles, will be used for lights, power and displays.
  • Over 30,000 feet of overhead support trusses will be utilized.
  • The test track and the auto show exhibit will be completed in less than seven days.
  • The centerpiece of the exhibit, the Dodge Ram’s head, stands 25 feet tall, 26 feet wide and is illuminated by more than 31,750 LED lights.

In addition to driving experiences, event goers will experience the personality of the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands through interactive activities, gaming kiosks, live musical performances, lifestyle activities, demonstrations, giveaways and more.

New York (March)

The world premiere for the all-new 7-seat Commander is set for a world premiere on Wednesday, March 23rd. The Commander is set to go on sale in September 2005 as a 2006 model. For more information on the Commander, visit


That Thing Got a HEMI®? (Probably)

HEMI take rate for the WK Grand Cherokee is 29%
Auburn Hills, Mich., Dec 09, 2004 – The HEMI® continues to build momentum. Since first introducing the all-new 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine for the 2003 model year, Chrysler Group has sold more than 469,000 vehicles with a HEMI inside. In Chrysler Group vehicles where HEMI is offered, the take-rate is 46 percent.
“The HEMI continues to resonate with consumers and has essentially become a brand within our brands,” said Eric Ridenour, Executive Vice President, Product Development, Chrysler Group. “And with MDS, our modern cylinder deactivation system, the HEMI seamlessly moves from eight cylinders to four cylinders and back. The only thing customers notice is a savings in fuel economy of up to 20 percent.”

On a product-by-product basis, the HEMI remains a popular engine choice. For Dodge Durango, the take-rate is 54 percent. The 2005 Dodge Ram is at 46 percent while Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300C are at 43 percent. Jeep® Grand Cherokee’s take-rate is 29 percent. MDS is available on Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300C and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

All-new 6.1-liter HEMI set to start production in January

In the spring of 2005, Chrysler Group will up the ante and unleash an all-new, beefed-up 6.1-liter 425-horsepower HEMI V-8 engine in the new 2005 Chrysler 300C SRT8. Preliminary performance targets for Chrysler 300C SRT8 are 0-60 mph in the low five-second range and a quarter-mile time in the high 13-second range.

The 425-horsepower, naturally aspirated 6.1-liter HEMI will be the highest specific-output V-8 engine ever offered by the Chrysler Group. Its 69.8-horsepower-per-liter rating exceeds even that of the legendary 1966 “Street HEMI.” Torque is rated at 420 lb.-ft.

“Without question, the HEMI continues to play a critical role in building momentum for the Chrysler Group,” said Ridenour. “With the introduction of the 6.1-liter HEMI, we’re taking the legendary HEMI to a new level of benchmark performance.” Chrysler Group builds HEMI engines at its Saltillo (Mexico) Engine Plant.


Jeep Grand Cherokee takes on the Urban Jungle

Overland Platinum Edition and Limited XS Edition hit the UK

[Sep 13, 2004] — Jeep® is launching two new special editions of its award-winning Grand Cherokee in the UK, with metallic paint, satellite-navigation and rear-park assist as standard equipment.

The top-of-the-range Grand Cherokee Platinum is based on the Overland model and the Limited XS on the Limited. The entry-level Grand Cherokee Sport completes the line-up, with prices starting from Ј24,995 ($44,788.70 U.S.)

Grand Cherokee Platinum comes with sat-nav, rear-park assist, metallic paint, 17 inch ‘Rogue Platinum’ alloy wheels, 10-disc autochanger/radio with steering wheel controls, sunroof, air conditioning including climate control and black leather interior, as well as chrome grille, matte black rock rails and black tinted windows. Platinum is available with 2.7 CRD and 4.7 High Output petrol engines.

Grand Cherokee Limited XS, on sale with either 2.7 CRD or 4.7 petrol engines, features metallic paint, sat-nav, rear-park assist, 17 inch ‘Rogue’ alloy wheels, single CD/radio with steering wheel controls, sunroof, air conditioning including climate control, leather interior and chrome rock rails.

The models will go on sale October 1st, 2004. For more information see Platinum and XS editions


Photo of the month:

2004 U.K. Grand Cherokee Stealth Edition
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Jul 16, 2004 Added the latest Technical Service Bulletins. These covered a “flash for the 4.0L torque converter lock-up feature” on 2004 models and a “flutter-like sound from the outside mirror” for all export models WJ’s.
Jul 09, 2004 Updated the page on Custom versions of the Grand Cherokee, adding pictures of a 2002 Laredo with the Erebuni 454 custom body kit installed.
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Apr 11, 2004 Added a page covering installation and routing of CD changer or Song/Artist cables.
Apr 09, 2004 Added updated 2004 Curve charts for the 4.0, 4.7 and 4.7 HO engines.
Apr 04, 2004 Added a chart showing WJ lift points for floor jacks and hoists.
Mar 27, 2004 Updated the Nameplates and Badges page, correcting and updating some of the part numbers. Also added a column listing the Retail price for all badges.
Mar 15, 2004 Added information on the latest recall, this involves Crankshaft Position Sensors on 2004 models with the 4.0L engine built between December 16, 2003 and February 6, 2004.
Mar 08, 2004 Added details on the newest Technical Service Bulletin issued, # 23-009-04 which covers “A popping or clicking-like sound in area of front seat frame”. Vehicles involved are all Grand Cherokee models from 1999-2004.
Mar 01, 2004 Added a pages covering the new special “Spring Premium Collection” export series, the Overland Black Pearl Series and the Limited model Vision Series.
Feb 27, 2004 Added updated information on new Auxilliary audio Input adaptors to the Audio installation accessories page.
Feb 11, 2004 Added a page covering WJ front and rear wipers.
Jan 25, 2004 Updated and revised the page covering WJ steering wheels and buttons , adding information for adding the remote audio switches into the existing bezel without having to remove the steering wheel.
Jan 18, 2004 Added a page covering WJ spark plugs, part of a new section that will cover WJ maintenance procedures.
Jan 14, 2004 Updated the WJ engine specifications page to add new information to the “speed specs” section.
Jan 07, 2004 Added the latest Technical Service Bulletin, covering an intermittent horn chirp problem on 2003-2004 models.
Jan 06, 2004 Added photos of three new Jeeps shown at the recent Detroit auto show (Jeep Rescue concept, the Wrangler Unlimited and the Treo concept).
Dec 27, 2003 Updated the WJ sway bars page to add information on the newly redesigned rear bar from Addco.
Nov 23, 2003 Updated the WJ Exterior Colors to reflect new mid-year changes for the 2004 models.
Nov 22, 2003 Added information on the latest DVD navigation release for the RB1. The main difference is that it fixes some POI information that was missing or incorrect for areas of Texas. In addition, for the Sirius radio option, it now displays both the title and artist at the bottom of the display without having to toggle between them.
Nov 11, 2003 Added 17 new photos of the Columbia Edition
Oct 20, 2003 Added a photo and information on the Grand Cherokee Stealth Edition, a limited edition U.K. model.
Oct 14, 2003 Updated the page on Hood prop rod removal, adding information on the revised 2004 versions.
Oct 10, 2003 Added a page covering WJ Door panel removal. This information was formerly in in the factory audio components removal section and has now been revised and expanded to its own page for better clarity. Also added to the page, a diagram showing all of the different door and liftgate trim panel fasteners.
Oct 09, 2003 Added a couple more scans of the camouflaged WK to the 2005 model information page.
Oct 07, 2003 Added a few scans of transmission filters to the Maintenance page.
Sep 30, 2003 Revised many of the largest pages, reducing the size of the thumbnail images in the interest of reduced loading time. Some pages that had become extra-long have been split into two sections. More tweaking will be done continously to continue this trend, and also to reorganize information on some pages for better readability and clarity. Note that almost all images on this web site are clickable for a larger view.
Sep 28, 2003 First public announcement of the features and options for the upcoming 2004 Columbia Edition Grand Cherokees.
Sep 14, 2003 Revised and updated the entire Technical Service Bulletin page with an all-new layout that organizes all bulletins in a much better fashion. Instead of listing bulletins by model year, which resulted in massive duplicate listings, they are now sorted by category with one listing for each bulletin. A detailed Index table is also provided, listing in compact form every TSB issued for the WJ.
Sep 11, 2003 Moved the Sirius Satellite Radio information to its own page, expanding and revising the information.
Sep 08, 2003 Revised and updated the Jeep Commander concept vehicle page, adding more photos and text.
Sep 07, 2003 Combined all of the information covering the 4.7 HO engine to a new page. Also added photos and info on chrome exhaust tips.
Sep 05, 2003 Added information to the Trailer/Hitch page including directions for installing the rear receiver hitch, wiring harness and hitch bezel. Other information on the page was also updated or revised as well as new photos being added.
Sep 04, 2003 Updated the TSB page, adding information for a few 2002 calendar year bulletins that we had missed.
Sep 01, 2003 Added more photos and information to the WJ steering wheels and buttons page, including information and wiring diagrams for adding remote audio buttons for WJ’s that do not have this feature.
Aug 30, 2003 Updated and added a lot more information to the Diagnostic Trouble Codes page, also revised the table layout for easier navigation. This section now features more than 800 trouble codes for Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.
Aug 28, 2003 Updated information on the Sirius Satellite Radio upgrade including a wiring diagram, basic installation information, and what parts to get.
Aug 26, 2003 Added more information on the new budget model RB4 Navigation radio.
Aug 15, 2003 Updated and revised the page on WJ grilles to include information on upgrading 1999-2003 models with 2004 grilles and fascias. Also revised an reorganized the related page covering Grille and fascia removal for all WJ models 1999-2004.
Aug 12, 2003 Revised some of the Audio system wiring diagrams for better detail and clarity.
Aug 10, 2003 Added information on the different RB1 Navigation DVD discs and revisons.
Aug 06, 2003 Revised the page on WJ maintenance with additional information on axles.
Aug 01, 2003 Listed 4 new aftermarket Dash trim color choices.
July 25, 2003 Added new listings for the Technical Service Bulletin section, covering Wind-like sound at top rear corner of front door, a new Airbag Control Module and a Transmission shift/speed control improvements Flash for 2003 models.
July 22, 2003 Updated and revised the page on Grille and fascia removal with new and better-organized information.
July 20, 2003 Some minor updates on the RB1 Navigation Radio page.
July 10, 2003 Started a page covering information on WJ liftgate trim and other liftgate components.
June 28, 2003 Added a diagram showing the dash trim pieces included with the just-released kits for the Limited/Overland models. Photos of the new kits will be added soon.
June 26, 2003 Started a page to sort out and explain all of the different WJ Four-wheel drive systems, Selec-Trac, Quadra-Trac II, Quadra-drive, etc.
June 24, 2003 Updated the WJ mirrors page, adding photos and more details concerning mirror dissasembly and repair for mirrors losing memory settings.
June 21, 2003 Jeep will announce a “Columbia Edition” series this fall, for the Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Wrangler models. Probably along the lines of the “Freedom Edition”, a variation with special options and packages. Production is slated to start the first week of October, with models hitting showrooms at the end of October or Early November. The models will be shown at the Las Vegas SEMA show in early November. More details should be available soon.
June 19, 2003 Updated the Factory wheels page, adding photos of the center caps.
June 16, 2003 Updated the Jeep Navigation Systems page to add basic info on the RB3 (export) and RB4 (USA) Nav units. More information will be forthcoming.
Jun 12, 2003 Updated the Badges and Nameplates page with a couple of new additions. A total of 32 different badges have been used for the 1999-2004 WJ series.
June 09, 2003 Updates to the WJ Milestones page.
June 06, 2003 Added more information to the WJ Dimensions & Specifications page.

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