2nd Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run

There are probably only so many ways to photograph a Jeep flexing on the trail, etc.  I think it is safe to say that since I didn’t run any new trails during the trip, I already have a sufficient number photos of the obstacles that we ran during this past April (see past Moab trip reports).  This write-up will most likely include some flex shots showing me or someone else on the trail, but I’ll also try to capture a bit of what makes these runs so fun. 

People came from all over the US (and even a couple from Canada).  Each brought with them something that ended up getting tossed into the mix, something that contributed to the overall experience that we all shared in.  Watching the group dynamics of these kind of events is always interesting.  I’m sure that there are some that never give it a second thought….and then there are others that might very well dwell too heavily on the issue.  Which ever side you consider yourself to be on, I hope you had as good of a time as I did.  I fully enjoyed myself and look forward to next year’s event.  Thanks to each and every one of you for contributing some little part of yourself that made the 2nd Annual JeepsUnlimited.Com Moab Run such a memorable occasion.

The following pics are pulled from the many tens of dozens that were taken during the trip.  If you like what you see, and you haven’t been to Moab yet, then do yourself a favor and take some time to enjoy yourself out on the slickrock trails.  You’ll love it for sure and if you come when we are there, you’ll find new off-road friends to help make your trip one to remember.  The pics are presented in no particular order.

Our favorite lunch spot at the turn around point on the Cliff Hanger trail.

Dave and I try to figure out why Dave’s axle was making noises half way through the Golden Spike trail.  Could it have been those little wheelies he was doing on some of those rock ledges?  Later we discovered it was a control arm…BIG RELIEF!

The tree in front of our cabin was in bloom.  Donna wanted a picture of it so here it is!  Such a contrast to the harsh rocks and high desert that you see on the trail all of the time.

My good friend from Phoenix, MikeW, as he totally enjoys the Cliff Hanger trail.  I don’t think there was more than 3 minutes during our entire trip that Mike didn’t have that “I am having so much fun…..I might get arrested for it!” grin on his face!

Al and Carol in their “about as stock as you can get” TJ.  Al hung with us on Cliff Hanger and Metal Masher.  Al did a great job of reminding me of what an unlifted open-diff TJ is capable of doing.

I’m posing with Josh’s 35 spline D60 axle shaft.  He tweaked a spindle in his roll over which caused the shaft to break once he got it rolling down the road and built up from heat where it was rubbing.

Tracy’s TJ after her triple rollover down Hell’s Gate.  We were all so relieved to hear that she only got a bump or two. 

2nd Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run

Some of that funny plant life that grows in the funniest places on the slickrock. 

Watch those fingers!  That hammer is gonna hurt if you get your finger in the wrong place.

Josh catches twenty winks while the rest of us work feverishly to fix his broken D60.  I think Katey wasn’t letting the poor guy get any sleep!

Adam just finishing the optional slickrock climb on Poison Spider Mesa.  (NOT)

Approaching the 4′ ledge on Cliff Hanger, after having a great lunch and view that nothing else can compare with.

Cutch (my unofficially adopted son from Canada) plays around on Rock Chucker.

This is NOT a good thing.  The result of having a u-joint end cap walk out of the front axle yoke while the vehicle is moving.  Luckily, I noticed it while standing in front of the TJ during a short break.  I swapped in my spare axle shaft/unibearing since the yoke ears had spread a bit and a new u-joint wasn’t gong to fit correctly.

2nd Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run

Spindle Rebuilding 101


Hans (the nice looking Rottie) and Mark take in the view during lunch.

I practice my rock ballet high up on the mesa.  Hey, it’s not easy to coax a 2 ton TJ up onto that pointed little rock!

We were even politically correct and let the short bus drivers hang with us on a few of the trips!

OK….I gotta get one of my cow bell!  After lunch on Cliff Hanger, Carol mentioned to Donna that she thought she must be going crazy.  She said she kept hearing a bell every once in a while….the whole time we’d been on the trail.  She was about 5 Jeeps back in the line and didn’t know we had a cow bell on Lady.