3″ Lap Belt Install

Note:  You are adding/modifying a component in your Jeep that provides safety to the vehicle occupants.  Doing so can change the manner in which the safety device functions..  If you have any concerns or questions, you should seek the assistance of a training professional.  I am describing to you what I did, and not telling you what you should do.  I am not recommending that you discontinue using the factory provided seat belts.

I had had it with the stupid shoulder belt while off-road driving.  Any time I found myself on a steep incline, either going up or down, the belt would lock up and prevent me from leaning forward to get a better view of the trail.  Worst yet, when I stopped to get out and check ahead, I could not pull the belt back out of the automatic retractor so I could put it on.  The result was that I could not move properly with the belt on or worse, I could not get the belt on when I needed it.

I stopped by the local 4×4 shop and dropped $60 on a 3″ lap belt.  It is part of a 5 point racing harness that I probably will never get around to installing since I don’t have the proper attachment points for the shoulder straps and I have to give up some other things if I want them.  Anyway, that is another story all together.

Above is the lap belt show in the closed position.  It is easy to latch and unlatch, but in the past 2 months that I have been using it, it has never popped open by mistake (even after those big lunches my wife packs for me!)  There is a suede leather pad that is attached to the left side strap/buckle which lines the back of the buckle assembly when you have it on, making it a bit more comfortable to wear.

Here is a view of the of the anchor point, looking down between the seat and the driver side door.  I drilled through the tub and also managed to catch the 2nd layer of metal that is part of the body mount channel.  (thicker is better!)  My plan is to get slightly longer bolts pretty soon and put two nuts on this side with the attachment bracket in between.  This done correctly will allow the bracket to swivel.  Right now, I have it oriented to fit me since it is my TJ and no one else uses it, especially off road!

As viewed from the bottom, just below the driver’s door.  The black object is my Sun Performance rock guards.  The round object is the body mount, along with the 1″ spacer.  Between these two objects you can see a hex head bolt and a 2″x4″ piece of 1/8″ thick steel plate.  I used the plate to help distribute the load.  The other half of the belt is done in a similar manner.

That is about all there is to it.  I opted to not install the belt to the same attachment points that the factory belt uses.  I figured if things REALLY get bad, I can always use both of them!  ARGH!!!  Cost was $60 including tax.  I installed this shortly after getting the front roll bar installed by O-R Fab.