Add a Switch for the TJ Factory Switch Panel

It seems as though there are two main kind of Jeep projects in the works for many owners….something do to with tires/lift or adding some electrical do-dad to the vehicle.  This addresses the later.  Lots of TJ owners opt for fog lights, high output backup lights, rock lights, 12 volt air compressor, power inverter, etc.  Sometimes the question of where to mount the control switch comes up.  GCD Offroad now provides a snap in solution for switch mounting.  The best part of it is that it works for all ’97 to ’06 TJs. 

The illuminated rocker switch comes complete with a wiring harness pigtail connector.  An amber light shows on the front of the switch when it is energized.

The new switch snaps into position from the rear of the TJ’s factory panel.  Once the pigtail as been attached to your wiring project, it connects to the rear of the switch…..and you are ready to go.

Here is a front view of the factory panel with three add on switches installed (the three on the right).  These switches are not mean to replace the factory switches.  They are add on switches to use with your various electrical projects.

As with any add on electrical project, don’t rely on the switch to do the heavy current work.  That is the job of the power relay, which, depending on the model, can SAFELY control up to 30 amps of current.  By properly fusing the add on switch and the power relay, you will have a TJ friendly electrical circuit that won’t malfunction and melt your Jeep to the ground.  If you are not sure what wire size to use for your project, I’ve got a page here on the site to help you through the process. 

The folks at GCD Offroad put a short video together demonstrating how easy it is to install the switch.  Spend a minute or two and check it out.  You’ll be doing your own install in short order! 

Give Mark a shout at GCD Offroad and get that electrical project you’ve had on the back burner going!