Jeep Wrangler Vehicle Cover

When your Wrangler is parked, there are times when throwing a car cover over it makes good sense.  My brother-in-law has a large enclosed building that serves as a storage building, among other things.  However, it is not weather tight so dust and debris can settle on the vehicles.  If you don’t have room in your garage to park your Jeep, then putting a cover over it while it’s parked in the driveway or along the curb makes sense.  Some Jeep owners are seasonal drivers.  There is no reason to let it sit and take a beating directly from the elements.  Put it under a car cover during the down time. 

With that in mind, there are various car covers to pick from.  They range in quality and cost.  Here is one you may want to consider when you find yourself looking for one to envelop your Jeep.  It is available from  The web site is easy to navigate and finding the cover that fits your vehicle is simple.  Got to appreciate a good layout like that.

The cover for my TJ arrived via UPS in just a couple of days after being ordered.  The cover was in a plastic wrapper, along with a page of instructions, and was accompanied by a much smaller plastic bag with assorted items in.

As I write this, the folks at have a special offer for the cover I got that includes a security cable with padlock, 3 microfiber dusting cloths, and a storage bag for the cover (see photo below)….for free.  Nice touch!  That’s a few useful items that one doesn’t have to pay extra for. 

As I previously mentioned, a storage bag was also included.  If I had to pick, I’m selecting the storage bag as the most useful item from the items that came in the special offer.  And the best part of the storage bag is that a person can actually fold up the cover, once used, and get it to fit in the bag.  Come on, you’ve bought stuff that can never be made to fit in the storage bag, right?  Not this one… folds up nicely and goes back into the bag. 

The edges of the cover are double stitched.  Here is the front edge of the cover which has elastic sewn into it.  Both the front and back edges of the cover have a good stretch factor to help get a good fit and keep the cover in place. offers three levels of vehicle covers.  This photo shows the material used in the Ultimate Shield style.  It is 5 start rated for water, snow, and UV rays.  The Ultimate cover is waterproof and comes with a fleece lining.  The Ultimate cover has a 7 year warranty and offers the best vehicle protection available. 

The Deluxe Shield vehicle has a 5 years warranty.  It carries a 5 star rating for water (perfect for wet areas), 3 stars for snow, and 4 starts for UV rays.  It is priced less than the Ultimate cover.  The Deluxe cover is equally reliable for indoor or outdoor use. 

The Basic Shield vehicle has a 3 years warranty.  It carries a 2 star rating for water, 2 stars for snow, and 3 stars for UV rays.  It is priced less than the Deluxe cover.  The suggested use for this cover is indoor or light outdoor use.  If you are storing your vehicle in a storage shed, this cover provides good protection against dust and dirt for a reasonable price.

Jeep Wrangler Vehicle Cover

The front of the cover is marked by a tag with FRONT printed on it.  Tuck it under the front bumper and toss the cover up onto the roof.  Walk it to the rear of the vehicle and unfold it to start bringing it down along both sides of the vehicle.

Pull the rear of the cover down over the spare tire and stretch it down and under the rear bumper.  You’ll need to shift it around a bit, side to side, to get it evened up.  The front bumper will need a little more attention now that you’ve got the cover stretched the full length of the vehicle.  Once you do, you can place the cover to the inside edge of the tires. 

For those of you that have seen my TJ, you know I’ve got a 35″ spare mounted on an aftermarket carrier.  It’s good to see that the cover will accommodate the large spare tire.  I’ve seen covers that were modeled too much along the stock vehicle dimensions and so failed miserably when used on a modified vehicle.  Not the case here! 

These two little “donuts” are for reinforcing the cover should you decided to make a hole in it to accommodate your factory AM/FM radio antenna.  If you are running one of popular aftermarket “rubber stubbie” type antennas, you probably won’t need to use these.  If you do have a factory radio antenna, you’ll need to mark the location on your cover, carefully cut a small hole in it, and then align the donut hole with the cut hole.  The donut hole is adhesive backed.  To easily mark the hole location in the cover, unscrew the factory antenna, put the cover on your vehicle, and then mark the mount’s location (where the antenna would mate with it) with a marking pen.  Remove the cover, make the holes, reinstall the factory antenna, and replace the cover.  You are good to go.

So that is about it.  Not much more to say other than to surf on over to and place your order.  There is one there that is sure to fit your needs.