TeraFlex T-Case Lowering Kit Installation

TeraFlex T-Case Lowering Kit Installation

for ’98 Jeep TJ

The t-case lowering kit has no instructions in it.  I did not find any instructions on the the Tera website either.  However, the kit consists of 6 bolts with applicable spacers and lockwashers.  So…how hard can it be?  Here is how I did it.

  1. Using a floor jack, support the bottom of the transfer case skid plate in the center.   I position the jack about 1/2″ below the skid plate.
  2. Starting on the driver’s side, remove the middle bolt completely. 
  3. Alternately loosen the remaining two bolts, allows the skid plate to lower itself onto the floor jack.  Leave several threads engaged on the two bolts.
  4. Move to the passenger’s side and extract the three bolts approximately 1/2 “.
  5. On the driver’s side, remove the remaining two bolts.
  6. The spacers are actually a two piece arrangement.  Using the center hole of the skid plate, take the larger spacer piece and place it between skid plate and the frame, flat side of the spacer up. 
  7. Take one of the new bolts and slip on a lock washer.  Take the smaller spacer piece and slip it onto the bolt, flat side towards the lock washer.
  8. Insert the bolt up through the center skid plate hole, large spacer, and into the frame.  You may have to adjust the jack height to ensure proper alignment.
  9. Do the same with the remaining two holes, using the new bolts and spacers as you did on the center hole.
  10. Tighten all 3 bolts until there is approximately a 1/2″ gap between the spacer and the frame.
  11. Move over to the passenger’s side and repeat the above steps.
  12. Tighten all six bolts in a criss-cross pattern.  I snugged mine down to approximately 60 ft. lbs.

Driver side view after all six bolts have been tightened.

Front end of the driveshaft.

Note that the t-case and drive shaft are almost on a straight line with each other.   If you had looked at this before installing the lowering kit, you would have noticed a much sharper angle.  After installing my lift kit, and before installing the t-case lowering kit, I experienced minor vibration around 25 ~ 30 mph, when accelerating in 3rd gear.  After the lowering kit was installed, the vibration was gone.

Rear end of the drive shaft