Part Numbers

When you do enough modifications to your Jeep, you will eventually need to start replacing parts that have worn out.  Since many of these will NOT be factory parts, stopping off at your local Jeep dealership won’t do squat towards your getting what you need.  Likewise, stopping by the local AutoZone (remember, these are the guys that have to know if you have an automatic or manual tranny so they can give you the correct wiper blade) isn’t going to get you that grease seal or bearing for your modified t-case.

I can not guarantee the accuracy of these part numbers because I didn’t do the research on them.  However, these have come from folks I either know well or at the minimum, trust, so hopefully they will be the correct ones.  Put another way, I was on good terms with these folks when they gave me the numbers so there is not reason for them to have lied to me! 

This list will continue to grow as I come across something that others might benefit from.


For the Advance Adapters HD SYE kit for a TJ:

Tailhousing seal
Federal Mogul 3946
Chicago Rawhide 18662

Rear Yoke seal washer
Jeep 4210973
NVG 13695

Rear Yoke Nut
Spicer 44189
GM 14037991
Jeep 4167924
NVG 13368


For the folks whose blower fan resistor pack connector has burned up…..

The end connector Mopar replacement part number is 1-05019941AA (this was for a 97 TJ… I can’t vouch for other years). This is a little kit that comes with the plug and the various wires you need to splice it into your wiring harness. I recall it being a little pricey at about $30-$40.


If you want to upgrade your steering gear box, folks have been having good luck using a Dodge Durango steering box.  Tell the counter guy at the local auto parts store you need a steering box for a ’99 4WD with a 318 V8 engine.  The Durango box is bolt on, no adapters needed for the fluid lines, etc.


In case you are rebuilding your D44 rear axle:  (these numbers from Stu)

Oil Seal – Spicer # 35239

Bearing Assembly (includes bearing and race) – Spicer # 565903

Bearing Retainer – Spicer # 36797

Bearing assembly and Bearing Retainer – Timken # SET-10


From a site reader: 

Just for future reference, I found the application for the steering pitman arm that was sent with my Toys by Troy crossover steering kit. It’s for a 87 – 95 YJ with power steering (part #8952-040-112). The reason I wanted to get the same one is that it is wider along the arm and has a larger boss for the tie rod end so it is stronger where you enlarge the taper. I found one at Morris 4×4 Center for $21 and went ahead and ordered one.


Replacement o-ring that goes in the ARB bulkhead fitting:

Made by BrassCraft, part# 0568. They are 5/32″ I.D., 9/32″ O.D., and 1/16″ wall.


For a TJ Rubicon front drive shaft:

U-joint at pinion: Spicer 5-212x which is a 1330 to Saginaw 3R (S44) conversion joint.

U-joint at t-case: Spicer 5-1203x (x2) which is a 1330 joint.

Centering-ball overhaul kit: Spicer 211179x