TJ Rear Control Arm Guards

The rear lower control arm brackets got some help at both ends.  Here is a picture of the area just forward of the frame bracket, taken on the passenger side.  No more getting rocks wedged into this little pocket.  (I just realized that I also lost my favorite spot for putting my jack stands….BUMMER!)

Here is the business end of the lower control arm bracket on the driver’s side, rear axle.  Boxed in and ready to meet those rocks.

The same bracket as the picture above taken from the passenger’s side point of view.  

Well, that is the end of the picture show.  The guys took a couple of days to do this work.  Wayne did the front axle work in one day and the remainder of the welding on the 2nd day.  If you want more info on this or any other work they do, stop by their web site and get their phone number and/or e-mail address.