Rubicon Trail GPS Waypoints & Tracklog Plot

Prior to my 2001 Rubicon trip, I bought a small trail guide book called 4 Wheeler’s Guide to the Rubicon Trail, by William C. Teie, and published by Deer Valley Press Homepage.  I bought the book from for $17.95 + shipping.  The book covers a little bit of everything.  With the additional info I am providing here, it should be all you need for navigating the trail.

The map segments that Mr. Teie provides in the book are actually snips of 7.5′ USGS topo maps.  He comments in the book as to which ones he used.

The only real problem I found with 4 Wheeler’s Guide to the Rubicon Trail was the lack of lat/long markings on the maps (remember, they are little snips of the real (and larger) map).  On top of this, there were no GPS coordinates to sync you with the various landmarks on the trail.  In order to make heads or tails out of all this info, I decided to transfer the trail info over to OziExplorer  and then see if I could cross reference the landmarks in the book to waypoints I would make on my USGS topo maps.

So….to make sense out of my waypoints, you need to label those sections of your book the same I did.  Don’t worry, it is easy.  It will take me a lot longer to enter this info here than it will for you to pencil in the waypoint numbers in your book.  Starting on page 28 of the book, there are landmarks of info, labeled in red, such as Georgetown or Stumpy Meadows Lake.  Using the list below, number these sections in your book so that they will correspond with the waypoints in the data file below.






01 Georgetown 02 Georgetown Ranger Station
03 Blodgett Experimental Forest 04 Stumpy Meadows Lake
05 Uncle Tom’s Cabin 06 Hartless Mountain
07 Ice House Road 08 Look Lake Road
09 Loon Lake 10 Look Lake Access and Staging Area
11 The Granite Bowl 12 Lawyer Cow Camp
13 Wentworth Springs 14 Wentworth Springs Campground
15 Post Pile 16 Ellis Creek
17 Walker’s Rock 18 Mud Lakes
19 Spider Lake 20 Little Sluice Box
21 The slab around the Little Sluice Box 22 Mud Lake
23 Old Sluice Box 24 Chappie Rock
25 Buck Island Dam 26 Buck Island Lake
27 Big Sluice Box 28 Bridge across the Rubicon River
29 Mud Hole 30 Rubicon Springs
31 Sid’s Grave 32 Cadillac Hill
33 V Rock 34 The Steps
35 Observation Point 36 Dollar Hole
37 Barker Pass 38 Lily Lake
39 McKinney Lake 40 Staging Area
41 Subdivision 42 Highway 89


You will notice that I left a few of the waypoints out of the data file.  This was because I could not accurately place them on the map, given the information I had available, and/or, I did not notice them on the trail (or they were on a section of the trail that we did not cover).  Don’t worry, the really important ones are in the waypoint data file.

So, I am posting the GPS waypoints and my actual track log here in OziExplorer .wpt and .plt file formats.  This will save you HOURS (try about 20 hours of moving the data from the book over to the topo map.  What is that you say… don’t have OziExplorer?  I would strongly suggest you think about adding it to your off-road PC toolbox.  You can read my comments about it here on my site, or check out the OziExplorer web site.  Please don’t ask me to convert them into some other file format.  You can do that if you want.  If you do, send me a copy and I’ll post them here with my file and give you the credit for the work.

I have zipped the waypoint file and tracklog plot files together, with each file in the .zip having a rather self explanatory name.  Once you load one up, you will see what I mean.  Makes for a nice clean way to load your GPS, if I do say so myself.

Download the waypoint & tracklog files here.

If you have any questions about the file, drop me e-mail.