Passenger side brake line extension bracket

TeraFlex Swaybar Quick Disconnect Installation

The instructions that accompany the QD kit are quite good, except that the first step is to identify the left and right links that come in the box. I found Tera’s explanation of how to do this less than helpful, since it did not accomplish the task (I confirmed this with a phone call to their office….they agreed.)

So…to make it simple for you, the left link (driver side) is the link that has the grease zirk facing the coil spring when the bolt head faces out and away from the frame. If that does not make sense, see the picture below.

Close-up (driver side) of quick disconnect
A view of the new stud that is used to store the link when off-road

The only other problem I had was getting the stainless steel stud tapped and properly screwed into the frame. This is the stud that the QD connects to when you are off road. It keeps the swaybar and links up and out of the way. Tapping the frame for a 3/8″ hole proved quite easy. However, I was only able to screw the studs in approximately half way. I chased the newly tapped threads several times, but it made no difference. As such, the need to use Loc-Tite (as suggested) was considered overkill so I skipped that step.

Passenger side brake line extension bracket

The brake line extension bracket is shown here. Mine did not install as indicated in the instructions. Instead, I found that the 1/4″ bolt that connects the existing bracket and the extension together is easier to install if the bolt is first pushed through from the back of the extension bracket, and then you proceed with tightening the extension bracket with the old Torx screw. After tightening, the old bracket is easily slipped onto the bolt, the nut is applied and the new assembly tightened.