Toys by Troy Alumi-flex Suspension Part Numbers

Note:  Toys by Troy shut down their operation at the end of 2007.  I’ve added this information after receiving numerous e-mails inquiring as to if I knew what the part numbers may be for the cartridge joints on the control arms.  Scott Morris was nice enough to pass along this information to me after we exchanged e-mails.

The Toys by Troy Alumi-flex control arms use cartridge joints.  These joints will wear and require maintenance/replacement.

Here are the numbers I was provided by Scott.  They are for the 2 ½ inch Daystar Poly-flex joints and can be found at the Daystar website.

The 2 ½ inch replacement bushing part number is:  KU70004BK 

The 2 ½ inch rebuild kit part number is:  KU70088BK

As I no longer have my TJ, I can’t look at the control arms.  It is possible that some of the cartridge joints were the smaller 2 inch type.  If so, bushing kits and rebuild kits for them are on Daystart website too.