Toys by Troy Alumi-flex Cross-Over Steering Part Numbers

Note:  Toys by Troy shut down their operation at the end of 2007.  I’ve added this information after receiving numerous e-mails inquiring as to if I knew what the part numbers may be for the rod ends.  Here are details that I normally include in an e-mail I send out.

I’m starting to hand these part numbers out more frequently now that the rod ends are beginning to wear out and folks are replacing them. I’ve done mine once (I did both sides but only one side had gone bad).  

Anyway, here are the numbers:
ES2234R              Right hand tie rod end
ES2010L               Left hand tie rod end
ES2026R              Right hand drag link end
ES2027L               Left hand drag link end
The above are Perfect Circle part numbers but any parts store worth anything should be able to cross reference them.  Most parts manufacturer use the same numbers. 

One of the TRE shanks are longer than it needs to be. You’ll be able to tell once you remove the old TREs….one of the new ones will be longer than needed.  Cut it off and dress up the threads.  I would screw the jam nut onto the TRE before cutting the shank off, then carefully clean it up with a thread chaser file or a regular file.  Don’t get crazy and try to use the jam not to chase the threads….it’s not made for that.  

A suitable pitman arm for the TBT steering can be had from a 87 – 95 YJ with power steering (part #8952-040-112).  It is wider along the arm than the stock TJ arm and has a larger boss for the tie rod end so it is stronger where you enlarge the taper.  Morris 4×4 Center has them for $21.