USA Flag LED Tail Lights

OK…..this review requires an explanation before I get started about the LEDs.  I’ve mentioned in other write-ups that these sometimes start with an e-mail from a fellow Jeeper.  This review is one of those and his name is Mark Lochridge, owner of Gold Coast Distributing.  After a brief introduction, I discovered that Marc frequents my site a fair amount and very much enjoys his 2001 TJ.  After talking with Marc on the phone a couple of times, I realize that he is very much a Jeeper and is addicted just as badly as most of us are. 

Mark retails American Superlite products, among other things.  He knew that I was currently running a set of American Superlite LED tail lights and asked me if I wanted to try out a new model that was just released.  I will admit…..this is a mod to a previous mod and it is bling, pure and simple.  But what can I say?  I really like the red, white, and blue tail lights.  Having served in the Navy for 8 years, I jumped at the chance to put some USA flag tail lights on my TJ….and besides that, they are on in time to help celebrate July 4th.  You can’t beat that! 

Enough of the explanation, let’s get to the new LEDs! 

When Mark described these to me, I was a bit apprehensive about them.  I could just imagine a law enforcement officer pulling me over for having red and blue lights on the rear of my vehicle.  Well, not to worry.   Without illumination, they are indeed as you see them in the above photo….however, once 12V is applied, they turn very bright RED and all appears just as it should. 

The LEDs come with a pair of pig tails (electrical plugs you wire into your existing tai light harness) so you can easily plug them into your TJs wiring harness.  They also include a pair of mounting flanges and of course, the two 12 volt LED tail lights, as shown above. 

Since this install was being done to my TJ which already has a pair of American Superlite LEDs installed, I already had the pig tails wired into my vehicle and was using rubber grommets to mount the LEDs.  If you need some help in the hole cutting or electrical wiring department, see this write-up for more details.  It includes everything you need to get your lights mounted (including flasher modifications).

To start, I removed the existing LED tail light from the rubber mounting grommet….easy enough to do by reaching up behind the LED and giving it a good push.

A comparison photo of my existing Superlite LED and the new USA flag model.  Aside from the lens color, it is the same Superlite design….which means it makes for an easy swap when you switch LEDs.  No changes to the wiring or existing mounting method is needed.  It is Plug-N-Play all the way! 

I plugged the new LED into the pig tail, cleaned off the dirt and mud on the mounting grommet, and pushed the LED into position.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  This photo was taken with no power applied to the LED. 

More LEDs



Here is the view with the brake pedal depressed.  The old LED (red lens) is on the left (driver’s side).  On my digital camera, the standard red LED shows with a slight yellowish tint.  My point here is that you don’t see a red, white, and blue LED on the passenger side…..and neither will a law enforcement officer. 

Without the brakes applied, the lights are back to their normal colors.  It had been a couple of years since I last visited the American Superlite web site.  I was surprised at the variety of lens colors they have available….all emitting a bright red when power is applied.

Now is probably a good time to mention that American Superlites are made in the USA and come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.  Yeah…they cost a few $$ more than the ones made in China….but you also don’t have to worry about driving down the road with one of those 52 LED tail lights that have 10 tiny LEDs not lit.  DOH! 

I thought I would include a photo of the LED mounting when done with the flange mount so you know what those look like as well.  As I intend to use the grommets, I didn’t drill the three mounting holes used to secure the flange onto body.

How much do they cost?  As I do this write-up, the USA flag LEDs sell for $68, shipped to your door.  That includes the LEDs, mounting flanges, and pig tails.  The same model American Superlites with standard red or clear lens are $62. 

To place an order to get an answer to your question, you can reach Mark at 805-340-9619 or just drop him an e-mail

Mark had sent me a couple photos of his TJ.  I thought he had a pretty good looking rig and since I had space here, I thought I would show you what it looks like.

Mark’s TJ sports a pair of clear lens Amercian Superlite LEDs.  The next time I get to California, I’m going to see if I can look him up and at least say HI…..and with luck, run a trail or two with him.

That’s about it for this product review.