Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Grille Installation

Welcome to the in-depth page on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee grille installation. We have organized as much information as we could find into a helpful article below. Is something incorrect or missing? Please get in touch with us and we’ll fix it!

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Part 3: Factory grille part numbers

Stock 2000 Limited                                                                   Stock 2004 Limited

1999-2003 WJ owners who want to “refresh” the front ends of their Jeeps with the new 2004 grille and fascia style can obtain the necessary parts and make the change. The photo shown above at the far-right is a 2002 Limited model owned by Jeeps Unlimited member LowriderWJ. He installed a 2004 Overland grille and fascia, as well as custom foglights, a stull grille insert, Warn hooks and a Hidden Hitch receiver.

There are two methods of installing a 2004 grille onto a 1999-2003 model Grand Cherokee. You can either change just the grille, or you can change the entire front end – the grille, fascia/bumper, fog lights etc.

1. Changing the grille only:


’03 Laredo with ’04 grille and ’03 fascia 02 Limited with full install of ’04 grille and ’04 fascia components

A 2004 grille can be “force-fit” into 1999-2003 Grand Cherokee’s. Although the shape is slightly different you can see by the above left photo that it comes out perfect. Jeep made a slight change to the back of grille in the middle of the 2004 model year but both versions can be used for 1999-2003 models. The install may require a little bit of filing and cutting to the plastic behind the grille but it will fit. A couple of fastening points may need to be improvised for a perfect fit and to secure it firmly in place, but this should not be too difficult for anyone with a little bit of mechanical experience.

2. Complete front end change:

The parts required for the complete 2004 grille/fascia upgrade are listed in the chart below and the modification is not difficult at all. The wheelwell liner rivet locations were changed, as have a couple of bracket locations, requiring some minor drilling. The front bumper/fascia comes primered and must be painted to match. See the Grille removal section for directions on removing WJ grilles and fascias.


2004 grille and fascia upgrade – parts list

Part name Part # MSRP
1. Front fascia
5JF89TZZAD (paint as required)All 2004 colors are available, if your 1999-2003 WJ matches any of the 2004 colors then a matching Laredo or Limited/Overland painted fascia can be ordered. $ 249.00
2. Front grille
(includes rear plastic grid insert)
Choose one:Assorted colors (Laredo)

XB92BSDAE (Limited)

XD361Z0AE (Overland)

$ 255.00$ 312.00

$ 312.00

3. Headlamp mounting module
(“UFLR Support – Headlamp”. Includes mounting screws and also ambient temperature sensor module)
55156753AD $ 275.00
4. Foglamp kit 82208252 $ 199.00
5. Fascia trim plate, lower Choose one:55156781AC (Limited/Overland, chrome plastic)

55156782AC (Laredo, black plastic)

$ 254.00

$ 415.00

6. Fascia bracket 55296138AB $ 36.70
7. Fascia bracket 55156900AB $ 4.20
8. Rivets, plastic (x6, fenderwell) 34201631 $ 5.00 ea.
9. Rivets, push pin (x3) 55176248 $ 0.85 ea.


(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Parts are not available from this web site and subject to change without notice)

Headlamp mounting modules

1999-2003 Headlamp mounting module

2004 Headlamp mounting module mounted in 2002 Limited

2004 Headlamp mounting module P/N 55156753AD

Installing 1999-2003 front ends on 2004 model WJ’s

On the flip side, 2004 owners who do not care for the new style could switch their grilles and fascias to one of many styles used between the 1999 and 2003 model years. Parts required would be the front fascia, grille, headlamp mounting module and foglamp kit. Some drilling or bracket alteration may be required. As soon as anyone we run across decides to do this sort of mod, the end results and installation tips will be posted here.