Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee KirkWood Edition

Welcome to’s archived reveal for Jeep’s WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee kirkwood edition. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think!

Since 1981, Von Genaddi Design, Inc., has created handcrafted quality vehicles for discriminating customers. Von Genaddi Design techniques and technology have evolved over time, to incorporate innovative new processes with time-tested traditional methods. High power CAD/CAM workstations work along side English shaping wheels and tube benders.

Unlike competitive vehicles, the KirkWood Edition is truly a SUV-based sport truck – its pickup bed is fully integrated into the unit-body structure of the vehicle, it’s not add-on. The rear glass, part of the original tailgate, is mounted to the roof structure at the modified C-pillar and is hinged in such a way that it slides up and securely latches to the modified roof rack. The rear seats and lower bulkhead fold down providing a virtually flat load floor from the back of the front seat to the end of the bed.

When the tailgate is lowered, the load floor extends almost seven and a half feet with the C-pillar bulkhead opening measuring 55 inches diagonally. It is possible to transport 4 x 8 sheets of plywood or sheetrock without the need for a bed extender. Just attach two of the custom-designed restraining straps to the provided mounting points and you’re ready for almost any home improvement project.

The Kirkwood also sports 18×8.5″ rims, voice navigation, a flip-down 6.4″ LCD screen, VCR, and DVD, not to mention a 10-disc CD changer and GPS.