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1999 Models – New features and options2000 Models – New features and options

2001 Models – New features and options

2002 Models – New features and options

2002 Models – Comparison vs 2001 models

2003 Models – New features and options

2004 Models – New features and options

2005 Models – Predicted features and options

Adjustable pedals – Description

Airbags, side curtain – Description

Assist handles, A-pillar

Backspacing, WJ wheels

Badges and Nameplates – Photos

Badges, side – 4×4

Bezels – Interior trim

Brochures, literature and manuals – Photos of

Cabin air filtration system – Description

Cargo area 12v power outlet

CD Changer – Factory 10-disc

Colors – Exterior 1999-2004

Colors – Interior / photo gallery

Columbia Edition Grand Cherokee

Cooling system service

Crossrails and skid strips, roof

Concept vehicles – Jeep Commander

Concept vehicles – Jeep Concierge

Concept vehicles – Jeep Journey

Custom WJ’s – Lorinser

Custom WJ’s – Kirkwood Edition

Custom WJ’s – Startech

Custom WJ’s – Other

Decontented items 2002

Decontented items 2003

Diagnostic Fault Codes (OBD)

Door panel trim removal

Electronic Control Modules – locations

Engines, all – Curve charts

Engines, all – Specification comparison

Engines, all – Elapsed times & top speeds

Engine, HO – Feature differences

Engine, HO – Intake components

Engine, HO – Specifications

Engine, Hemi – Specifications and features

Engine, Manifolds – standard and HO

EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Info Center) – Features

EVIC, module – Upgrading

Export models – Differences from USA

FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kits)

Fault codes, OBD diagnostic

Floor console removal

Fluids – Recommended

Foglamp upgrade kit, OEM

Freedom Edition Grand Cherokee

Gauges, Electroluminescent – Description

Gauges, White-face options

Gauge cluster – 2002 layout illustration

Grilles – Custom inserts

Grilles – OEM Factory & custom

Grilles – replacing OEM

Grilles – installing 04 grille on 99-03 models

Grilles – OEM factory part numbers

Headlamp mounting modules

Hitch receiver, OEM

Hood lamp, OEM upgrade

Hood prop, removal and replacement

Infinity Gold System components

Jefferson North Assembly Plant – Facts

Key, Sentry – Self programming

Kirkwood Edition custom WJ

Laredo Sport – 2002 key features

Lighting and bulbs – Exterior

Lighting and bulbs – Interior

Lighting and bulbs – links

Lighting and bulbs – Upgrade information

Lighting and bulbs, Foglamps

Limited – 2002 key features

Links – Jeep related web sites

Links – Lighting and bulbs

Links – Mobile audio related web sites

Lorinser Edition custom WJ

Maintenance and Service menu

Manifolds, standard and HO

Milestones, historical – Grand Cherokee

Mirrors – side view and rear view



Navigation system, RB1 – DescriptionNavigation system, RB1 – Navigation features

Navigation System, RB1 – Screen shots

Navigation System, RB1 – Specifications

Navigation System, RB1 – Vehicle applications

Navigation system, Mopar – First generation

Navigation system, Export – Description

Olympics Limited Edition Laredo

Overhead console and EVIC

Overland Edition – About

Overland – Exterior colors

Overland, Interior – Photos

Overland – Rock rails

Oxygen sensors (02S)

Park Distance Sensor system

Patriot Edition vehicle graphics

PCV valve (V8 only)

Photo gallery – WJ Interiors

Power outlet, cargo area 12v

Production dates & milestones

Radios – factory

Radios – RB1 Navigation

Rain Sense Wiper System – Description

Recalls – 1999 to date

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Transmitter

Rock rails – Overland

Running Boards, Mopar Premium

Sales totals, WJ – 1999 to date

Seats – power / heated, upgrading

Sentry key – Self programming

Serpentine belts – 4.0 & 4.7 engines

Service manuals – Where to order

Shocks and springs, factory

Side rails – OEM tubular

Sirius Satellite Radio system

Sixtieth (60th) Anniversary models

Skid plates – Front, TC & fuel

Spark plugs – Removal and installation

Special Edition 2002 – Basic features

Dimensions and Specifications

Startech edition custom WJ

Steering wheels and remote buttons

Stereo systems – Factory components

Stereo systems – Car audio web site links

Stereo systems – CD changer cables

Stereo system – High to low converters

Stereo systems – Infinity Gold system components

Stereo systems – Installation accessories

Stereo systems – JL Audio upgrade project

Stereo systems – Links to mobile audio sites

Stereo systems – Subwoofer (Mopar)

Stereo systems – Wiring diagrams

Sway bars (factory and upgrading)

Thermostat (cooling system)

Tire pressure monitor system – About

Tire pressure monitor system – Parts

Tire pressure monitor system – Retraining

Tire pressure monitor system – System test

Tow hooks – Front and rear

Towing, trailer – Parts and information

Towing, trailer – Electronic brake controllers

Tire pressure monitor system – Upgrading to

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) – About

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) 1999

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) 2000

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) 2001

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) 2002

TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) 2003

Up Country Suspension – About

Up Country Suspension – Adding

Up Country Suspension – Shocks

Up Country Suspension – Skid plates

Up Country Suspension – Springs

Wheels and Tires – Factory

Window tinting – Factory & aftermarket

Wiper blade systems – front and rear

Wiring diagram – Basic power and ground hookup

Wiring diagram – CD changer, 10-disc, 1999-2001

Wiring diagram – CD changer, 10-disc, 2002-2004

Wiring diagram – Infinity amp

Wiring diagram – Infinity amp harness bypass

Wiring diagram – Base system 2002-2004

Wiring diagram – Infinity system 1999-2001

Wiring diagram – Infinity system 2002-2004

Wiring diagram – Radio, pinouts, 1999-2001

Wiring diagram – Radio, pinouts, 2002-2004

Wiring diagram – Radio, remote buttons 1999-2004

Wiring diagram – Upgrading factory amp & speakers



Removal and Installation index:For safety and other considerations, any vehicle or vehicle accessory modifications, additions, alterations or changes should be performed by qualified personnel using the proper tools, equipment and parts, as described or recommended in the applicable factory manual(s). Any such modifications, additions or changes performed using information or ideas from this web site are done so at your own risk and expense.

Airbag, driversAshtray/lower center bezel removal

Cabin air filter installation

Cargo area 12v power outlet, right trim panels

Cargo area left trim panels

CD changer, factory, removal

CD changer/Artist cable installation

Console, floor – removal

Door panel trim – removal

EVIC module in overhead console, removal

Firewall, feeding wire through

Floor console removal

Foglamp removal

Fuel filter removal

Foglamp upgrade kit, Mopar OEM

Grille and front fascia removal

Infinity amp removal

Glovebox removal

Headlamps removal

Headrests, front and rear removal

Hood lamp installation

Hood prop, removal and replacement

Instrument cluster removal

Intake system, upgrading to HO components

Lighting and bulb removal, interior

Lighting and bulb removal, exterior



Mirrors – side view and rear viewOverhead console and EVIC removal

Oxygen sensors (02S), removal and installation

PCV valve removal (V8 only)

Quarter panel trim piece, right side cargo area

Radio removal

Radio, RB1 Navigation, installation

Rock rails, Overland, installation

Roof rack rubber strip installation

Serpentine belts – 4.0 & 4.7 engines

Sirius Satellite Radio system

Spark plugs

Speaker installation, JL Audio Stealthbox

Speaker installation, upper dash tweeters

Speaker installation, front doors

Speaker installation, rear doors

Speaker removal, upper dash tweeters

Speaker removal, front door

Speaker removal, rear door

Steering wheel cruise and audio button removal

Steering wheel upper bezel removal

Steering wheel lower bezel removal

Thermostat removal

Trim strips, interior, removal

Tow hooks – front and rear

Wiper blade and arm removal – front and rear

OEM Part numbers:

Note: Part numbers are listed for reference and archival purposes only. For safety and other considerations, always verify with your dealer that the part matches your particular vehicle. Prices listed are MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the U.S. market and may vary by dealer or region. Some parts may be discontinued or superceded by the manufacturer without notice.

Badges and nameplatesCabin air filter

Cargo area 12v power outlet

CD Changer and DIN cables

Center bezel, lower (with & without heated seats)

Cluster bezel – Upper steering wheel cover trim

Console, floor

Cruise control buttons

EVIC modules

Filters – air, oil, fuel

Foglamp upgrade kit, Mopar

Gauges, white, individual, 2001 Limited

Grilles, OEM

Headlamps – OEM assemblies

Hitch receiver

HO low restriction intake system

Hood props

Instrument panel strips – Front

Lamps and bulbs – Exterior

Lamps and bulbs – Interior

Maintenance items


Mirrors – side view and rear viewNavigation system kit, Mopar 1st Generation

Radio – Adaptor 2002-up models to ’99 – ’01 models

Radio – Bezels

Radios – factory

Radios – remote steering wheel buttons

Rock rails – Overland

Serpentine belts – 4.0 & 4.7 engines

Shocks – Standard & Up Country

Sirius Satellite Radio system

Skid plates – front, TC & fuel

Speakers, Standard & Infinity

Springs – Standard & Up Country

Steering wheels and remote audio and cruise buttons

Steering wheel lower bezel

Sway bars

Thermostat (cooling system)

Tire Pressure Monitor System components

Tow hooks

Towing, Rear hitch