Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee 4.7L Manifolds 1999-2004

Welcome to the in-depth page on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L manifolds 1999-2004. We have organized as much information as we could find into a helpful article below. Is something incorrect or missing? Please get in touch with us and we’ll fix it!

WJ Manifolds

Model Year Standard 4.7 HO 4.7
1999 P/N 53030951 (discontinued)
superseded by
P/N 53010315AG (MSRP $484.00)
2000 P/N 53030951AB (discontinued)
superseded by
P/N 53010315AG (MSRP $484.00)
2001 P/N 53010315AG (MSRP $484.00)
2002 P/N 53010315AG (MSRP $484.00)(Note: 1999-2002, with 53010315AG manifold, use PCV valve P/N 53032800AA and tube assembly P/N 53030851AC) P/N 53031739AD (MSRP $264.00)
superseded by
P/N R3031739AD (MSRP $492.00)
P/N 53013403AD (MSRP $123.00)

(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. MSRP prices are current as of March 2018. Parts are not available from this web site.)

2002 4.7 HO Manifold

2003-2004 4.7 / 4.7 HO Manifold

2002 HO Manifold (left) vs 2004 Manifold (right)