Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Cargo Shade Bracket Repair Guide

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In 2000 Jeep issued a special repair kit for the cargo shade end brackets. Prior to the availability of the kit the entire cargo shade unit had to be replaced. The kits are available from any Mopar dealer and come in three different colors to match the original shade. I am not sure if Jeep offers the kits in the two colors not listed, Dark Slate and Sandstone, they may or may not have been added.

Repair procedure:

1. Using a drill and 1/8 in. drill bit, drill out the existing rivets from the bracket and remove the bracket.

2. Position the new bracket from the repair kit and align the bracket with the original holes.

4. Install the new rivets using a rivet tool.

OEM Cargo cover repair kits

(Note: Cargo repair kits no longer listed in parts books as of summer 2004)

Trim color Model Year Trim code Part # MSRP
Agate 1999-2001 AZ 05017679AA $ 13.75
Taupe 1999-2004 L5 05017680AA $ 13.75
Camel 1999-2000 K5 05017681AA $ 13.75
Cargo shades (complete assembly)
Agate 1999-2001 AZ, A2 5FS271AZAB $ 177.00
Taupe 1999-2004 L5 5FS271L5ABMopar 82208091 $ 163.00$ 85.00
Camel 1999-2000 K5 5FS271K5AB $ 227.00
Dark Slate 2002-2004 DB, DV 5FS271DVABMopar 82208092 $ 210.00$ 85.00
Sandstone 2002-2004 T5 5FS271T5ABMopar 82208093 $ 257.00$ 85.00
Note: When more than one part number is listed, the number in Bold is the recommended and/or latest part available.