Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Interior Trim Moldings and Bezels

Welcome to the in-depth page of WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee interior trim moldings and bezels. Did we mis anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

1. Radio / air vent bezel

The radio bezel is a one-piece unit that includes the center air vent grilles. The bezel is held in place with 4 spring clips. With a wide flat tool (a 3″ plastic spackle tool works great), gently pry on each vertical side and carefully pull the bezel out a little at a time until it is free. The red areas in the center picture are the felt-lined receptacles that the bezel spring clips fit in to, which shows the general area of where to pry when removing the bezel.

Radio bezels
Year Color Part # MSRP
1999 Black (Laredo) 55116277AB $ 67.85
1999 Woodgrain, Desert Zabrano (Limited) 55116256AB $ 105.00
2000 Black (Laredo) 55116277AB $ 67.85
2000-2004 Woodgrain, Spartan Burl (Limited) 55116479AB $ 147.00
2001-2004 Aluminum, brushed (Laredo) 55116506AA $ 157.00
2002-2004 Woodgrain, Redwood (Overland) 55116519AB
superseded by:55116519AD
$352.00$ 549.00
2004 Silver, Freedom Edition 55116893AA $474.00
2004 Silver, Columbia Edition 55116982AA $113.00
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.

2. Instrument panel trim strips

Left instrument panel trim piece, front and back

The short left trim piece can be removed from the front. It is held on with two spring clips and can be pried out easily with a small trim stick or similar tool.

Right side instrument panel trim piece

The long right strip above the glovebox is attached from the back of the instrument panel with four 10mm bolts and is much more difficult to remove. Due to safety considerations in the event of an accident, it is securely bolted on from the back. This trim piece is laminated to a piece of thick metal and weighs more than a half pound. To remove it requires the disassembly and removal of the entire instrument panel, including the cluster, radio, A/C unit, glovebox, ashtray and so on. Although not as difficult as it sounds, it could take 2-3 hours to disassemble the dash and put it all back together.

The right side trim strip is laminated to a thick metal backing

New molded dash trim appliques are now available that will fit nicely over the front factory trim pieces without removing them (See the Aftermarket Dash kits page). Owners who want to upgrade to the real wood Overland trim strips will have to remove their existing strips as no aftermarket trim kits match the Redwood design.

View from behind the glovebox area showing the four bolts that attach the long trim strip. Also seen in the photo are two of the air vents, which are also attached from the rear with screws.

Laredo interior with aftermarket trim kit installed

Interior showing OEM brushed aluminum trim

Left and Right instrument panel trim pieces

Year Color Part # MSRP
1999 (Left) Woodgrain, Desert Zabrano 55116405AA $ 23.10
1999 (Right) Woodgrain, Desert Zabrano
55116408AB $ 113.73
2000-2004 (Left) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 55116475AA $ 34.70
2000-2004 (Right) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 55116482AA $ 76.95
2001-2004 (Left) Aluminum, brushed (Laredo) 55116497AA $ 34.35
2001-2004 (Right) Aluminum, brushed (Laredo) 55116509AA $ 76.95
2002-2004 (Left) Woodgrain, Redwood (Overland) 55116499AA $72.00
2002-2004 (Right) Woodgrain, Redwood (Overland) 55116511AB $282.00
2002-2004 (Left) Aluminum, brushed (Freedom Edition) 55116889AA $34.60
2002-2004 (Right) Aluminum, brushed (Freedom Edition) 55116895AA $75.80
2002-2004 (Left) Aluminum, brushed (Columbia Edition) 55116980AA $34.60
2002-2004 (Right) Aluminum, brushed (Columbia Edition) 55116981AA $69.20
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.

2002 Limited with factory Burlwood trim

1999 Limiteds with Desert Zabrano factory woodgrain accents.

For more photos of WJ interiors see WJ Interior Gallery

3. Front and rear door trim strips

The four interior door panels from a 2003 Overland

The Spartan Burl door trim molding strips are not available separately as replacement parts, the entire door panel must be purchased. The Redwood strips used on all Overland models, however, can be purchased individually and installed into other WJ door panels. Since the matching dash strips and the radio bezel for the Overland are also available, Limited owners can order all seven parts and have the real redwood interior. The woodgrain Overland steering wheel, although very expensive, is also available.

Several aftermarket companies offer trim kits to upgrade or change the factory interior strips and bezels. Products offered include vinyl overlays as well as moulded plastic stick-on pieces for selected trim parts. The trim pieces can also be removed/masked and painted any color. See Dash Trim Kits.

WJ Door panel strips 2002-2004 Overland

Location Description Part Number MSRP
Left front Woodgrain, Redwood 5GY85AAAAA $359.00
Left rear Woodgrain, Redwood 5GY87AAAAA $374.00
Right front Woodgrain, Redwood 5GY86AAAAA $364.00
Right rear Woodgrain, Redwood 5GY88AAAAA $374.00
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.

Interior door trim pieces for the Overland, front and back

4. Cluster bezel trim

The cluster bezel trim piece is held in place by 4 spring clips, one at each corner, and pulls straight out. On the left side, you can reach your thumb behind the bezel at the tilt wheel lever cut-out opening and pull forward. If so equipped, you’ll need to unhook the Adjustable Pedals harness from the back of the bezel. . The 2002-2003 cluster bezels, with or without the built-in switch can be ordered and easily installed on 1999-2001 WJ models if a color change is desired. Adding a bezel with the switch to a WJ without Adjustable Pedals allows one to conveniently control a selected accessory of their choice. The switch is momentary-on but could probably be modified to work “on-off”. The “Pedal Adjust” writing could be painted over and new lettering added for a very professional looking installation.

Cluster bezels

Color 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Camel(tan) 5FN60RK5AB 5FN60RK5AE
superseded by:5FN60RK5AG
—- —- —- —-
Dark Suede 5FZ23VK9AB
superseded by:5FZ23VK9AF
5FZ23VK9AD —- —- —- —-
Agate 5FZ23LAZAB
superseded by:5FZ23LAZAF
superseded by:5FZ23LAZAG
superseded by:5FZ23LAZAD
—- —- —-
Taupe (dark brown) 5FZ23WL8AB
superseded by:5FZ23WL8AF
superseded by:5FZ23WL5AG
superseded by:5FZ23WL8AF
superseded by:5FZ23WL8AF

(with pedal switch)superseded by:5HK51WL8AB
(with pedal switch)

superseded by:5FZ23WL8AF

(with pedal switch)


(with pedal switch)

Dark Slate Gray —- —- —- 5FZ23XDVAD
superseded by:5FZ23XDVAF

(with pedal switch) superseded by:

(with pedal switch)

superseded by:5FZ23XDVAF

(with pedal switch)
superseded by:

(with pedal switch)


(with pedal switch)

Sandstone —- —- —- 5FZ23XTMAD
superseded by:5FZ23XTMAF

superseded by:5HK51XTMAB
(with pedal switch)

superseded by:5FZ23XTMAE

(with pedal switch)


(with pedal switch)

5. Steering column opening cover

The lower steering column opening cover is held in place by three screws, two bolts and three spring clips:

1. Remove the upper steering wheel trim bezel (see # 4 above, “Cluster bezel trim”).

2. Remove the two screws at the inside top of the lower trim bezel (left photo above).

3. Remove the plastic fuse cover underneath the left side of the steering column opening cover.

4.  Remove the side Phillips screw and the two 10mm bolts underneath the bezel trim (upper right photo).

5.  Pull the steering column opening cover rearward to disengage the three snap clips (one outboard and two inboard) that secure it to the receptacles in the instrument panel. The clips are very snug, requiring a fairly strong pull on each side. When replacing the cover, be certain to align the two plastic guide pins as well as the spring clips before pushing it back into place.

Front and Rear view of steering wheel opening cover


Steering wheel opening covers

Year Color Part # MSRP
1999 Agate 5EY40LAZAB
superseded by:5EY40LAZAG
$ 76.60$ 116.00
1999 Camel, Medium 5EY40RK5AB
superseded by:5EY40RK5AG
$ 80.85$ 99.20
1999 Taupe 5EY40WL5AB
superseded by:5EY40WL5AG
$ 61.25$ 177.00


2000 Agate 5EY40LAZAE
superseded by:5EY40LAZAG
$ 99.70$ 116.03
2000 Camel 5EY40RK5AE
superseded by:5EY40RK5AG
$ 93.60$ 99.20
2000 Taupe 5EY40WL5AE
superseded by:5EY40WL5AG
$ 85.75$ 177.00


2001 Agate 5EY40LAZAF
superseded by:5EY40LAZAG
$ 68.70$ 116.03
2001 Black 5EY40XT5AF
superseded by:5EY40XT5AG
$ 89.20$ 127.00
2001 Taupe 5EY40WL5AF
superseded by:5EY40WL5AG
$ 79.95$ 177.00


2002 Quartz 5EY40XDVAE
superseded by:5EY40XDVAG
$ 184.00
2002 Black 5EY40XT5AG $ 127.00
2002 Taupe 5EY40WL5AE
superseded by:5EY40WL5AG
$ 85.75$ 177.00


2003 Quartz 5EY40XDVAF
superseded by:5EY40XDVAG
$ 114.00$184.00
2003 Black 5EY40XT5AF
superseded by:5EY40XT5AG
$ 99.7$ 127.00
2003 Taupe 5EY40WL5AF
superseded by:5EY40WL5AG
$ 79.95$ 177.00


2004 Quartz 5EY40XDVAG $ 184.00
2004 Black 5EY40XT5AG $ 127.00
2004 Taupe 5EY40WL5AG $ 177.00
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.

6. Lower center bezel / ashtray

Three different bezels – woodgrain, black, and for 2003 a cubby hole instead of an ashtray.

The lower center bezel assembly is held in place by strong snap clips near each corner which can be gently pried out with a plastic putty knife or trim stick. Tip: The bezel will come out much easier if you remove the plastic tray below it. Once you have the bezel out a few inches the wiring harnesses for the power outlets, ashtray light and heated seats can be unhooked and the bezel removed. The heated seat buttons can be easily unscrewed from the back for installation into a new or different bezel.

Shown above left is the black lower center bezel, front and back (with power outlet and seat switches not installed). Above right, the new style with a cubby hole instead of the ashtray that debuted on the 2003 models. The bezel is attached to the instrument panel with four spring clips.

Some owners have found unique uses for their center console ashtrays, including this clever installation featuring switches mounted for overhead Hela lights.

Lower center bezels

With heated seats
Year Color Part # MSRP
1999 (Laredo) Black 5014055AA
superseded by:5134561AA
$ 74.00$ 202.00
1999 (Limited) Woodgrain (Desert Zabrano) 5014054AA
superseded by:5135817AA
$ 118.00$ 137.00
2000 (Laredo) Black 5014055AB
superseded by:5134561AA
$ 106.00$ 202.00
2000 (Limited) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 5019799AA
superseded by:5019799AE
superseded by:5134563AA
$ 127.00$ 144.00

$ 239.00

2001 (Laredo) Black 5014055AC
superseded by:5014055AG
superseded by:5134561AA
$ 99.35$ 106.00

$ 202.00

2001 (Limited) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 5019799AA
superseded by:5019799AE
superseded by:5134563AA
$ 127.00$ 144.00

$ 239.00

2002 (All) Black 5014055AH
superseded by:5134562AA
$ 102.00$ 195.00
2003-2004 (All, no ashtray) Black 5096015AB $90.70

Without heated seats

Year Color Part # MSRP
1999 (Laredo) Black 55116280AA
superseded by:5134557AA
$ 77.50$ 112.00
1999 (Limited) Woodgrain (Desert Zabrano) 55116263AA
superseded by:5083067AA
superseded by:05134558AA
$ 129.00$ 137.00

$ 184.00

2000 (Laredo) Black 55116280AB
superseded by:5134557AA
$ 113.00$ 112.00
2000 (Limited) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 55116483AA
superseded by:55116483AF
superseded by:5134559AA
$144.00$ 165.00

$ 245.00

2001 (Laredo) Black 55116280AC
superseded by:55116280AG
superseded by:5134557AA
$ 102.00$ 102.00

$ 112.00

2001 (Limited) Woodgrain, Spartan Burl 55116483AB
superseded by:55116483AF
superseded by:05134559AA
$ 165.00$ 229.00

$ 245.00

2002 (All) Black 55116280AH
superseded by:5134560AA
$ 96.60$ 140.00
2003-2004 (All, no ashtray) Black 55116911AA
superseded by:55116911AB
$ 65.70$ 94.85
Heated seat switches
1999-2004 Black (Left) 56033019AB $ 45.50
1999-2004 Black (Right) 56033017AB $ 45.50
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web

WJ instrument panel (2002 Limited model shown)