Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Up Country Suspension Group

Welcome to the in-depth page of WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee up country suspension. Did we mis anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

The Up Country Suspension Group decal, shown above left, was used on Jeeps prior to 1999 (ZJ series). No WJ models have ever had a factory sticker or badge identifying this feature. The decal, which measures 3-9/16″ x 2-11/16″, is no longer available from Jeep (discontinued in fall 2006, part # 5DL32MXW, the original MSRP was $83.75).

From the launch of the 1999 models and up until September 2, 2003, the Up Country Suspension Group package has been an available option on all WJ models, except (for marketing reasons) 2002-2004 Limited’s with the HO engine. Utilizing upgraded shocks, springs and tires, the UC package claims to give about 1″ of additional lift, with a slightly firmer and steadier ride. However, there seems to be a variety of different springs that have been used for this option, with some owners claiming only 5/8″ of lift while others have stated higher. The “body roll” factor seems to be worse on most models with this option (a shortcoming which can be easily solved with an upgraded rear sway bar ).

Overland models with and without Up Country Suspension

Starting at the end of model year 2002 production, Jeep introduced a “delete” option for the Up Country Suspension, which up until that time had been standard on all Overland models. The “delete” option, however, just takes away the Up Country shocks and springs and not the skid plates, tow hooks or upgraded tires. The reason for this change is that supposedly research showed some customers preferred the ride of the “softer” standard suspension, although it has never been promoted that way.

A problem that came up with the “delete” option is that the Up Country package ordering code (“SDA”) was confusing. It was offered as a “$0.00” no cost option, so when ordering a new vehicle, many dealers and customers had mistakenly checked the box for this, as it is defined only as “QuadraCoil Suspension”. Since it was “free”, customers and dealers assumed “why not put it on the order”. Since QuadraCoil Suspension is standard on all models of Grand Cherokeee anyway, by checking the box you were in effect deleting the Up Country Suspension and “bringing it back” to the standard suspension level. There was no mention of the U/C option being “deleted” on the sticker, nor was a credit given for taking the feature away. Any Overland models that have the “SDA/ QuadraCoil” option listed on the sticker do NOT have the Up Country Suspension components.

Up Country package discontinued for all models as of August 31, 2003

All models built after August 2003 were no longer offered with the Up Country package, the special shocks and springs were discontinued. Skid plates and tow hooks, formerly included with the Up Country package and also available separately, became standard on the Overland and optional on all other models.

Adding the Up Country components to non U/C vehicles:

WJ owners having the standard suspension (Quadra-coil) can add part or all of the UC package components to their vehicles. Although, like adding any other parts or options after the fact, it is much more expensive. All that is really needed are the springs and shocks (plus the skid plates and/or tow hooks if desired). The end result will probably be around 1/2″ of increased lift.

Up Country package availability
(Optional on all models except Overland)
Model / Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Laredo1 “F” Package only
2 Special Edition “T” Package only(Not available on Freedom, Columbia
or Rocky Mountain Editions)
X X X1 X1 X1 X2
Limited3 Except models with HO engine X X X X3 X3 X3
Overland(Standard but not included on all models,
see Overland notes above)

Up Country Suspension components 1999-2004

1. Upgraded gas shocks (see chart below)

(Mono design, high pressure gas charged)

2. Uprated front and rear springs (see chart below)

3. Skid plate group:

(Front, transfer case and gas tank skid plates)

4. Tow hooks

(Front tow hooks, + rear tow hooks if no trailer hitch option. 2001 Limited models and all Overland models featured chrome plated hooks.)

5. Upgraded tires

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A all-terrain, OWL, P245/70R16 (Laredo)

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A all-terrain, OWL, P235/65R17 (Limited & Overland)

Note: Different front lower control arm frame-side sill bushings were featured on the 2002 Overland (SDV sales code). This was deleted starting with 2003 production and bushings were the same for all models. The bushing change had no impact on the vehicle ride quality or suspension characteristics.

Part numbers

The part numbers for both standard and UC suspension are listed in the charts below. The recommended parts to use when upgrading are in red text. Information is still being gathered to try and sort out the different and numerous spring applications and spring rates.

NOTE: The prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. MSRP prices are current as of September 2014 and are subject to change without notice. Some parts may be discontinued from the manufacturer. Parts are not available from this web site.

Springs – Front 1999-2004

Up Country front spring and standard front spring
Type Code (L/R) DC Part # Comments MSRP
Standard (845 lb) ZKE, ZYE 52088262 1999-2004 $104.00
Standard (900 lb) ZKF, ZYF 52088263 1999-2004 $104.00
Standard (960 lb) ZKG, ZYG 52088264 1999-2004’04 Columbia I6 $104.00
Standard (1020 lb) ZKH, ZYH 52088265 1999-2004 $47.60
Standard (1085 lb) ZK1, ZY1 52088269 1999-2004 $109.00
Standard ZLH, ZZH 52080399AA 2003-2004 $44.25
Standard (1000 lb) ZLG, ZZG 52089421 1999-2004 $62.75
Up Country (820 lb) ZLE, ZZE 52088267 1999-2004 $109.00
Up Country (930 lb) ZLF, ZZF 52088268 1999-2004 $109.00

Springs – Rear 1999-2004

Type Code (L/R) DC Part # Comments MSRP
Standard SKW, ZYW 52088343 1999-2004 $73.50
Standard ZKY, ZYY 52088404 1999-2004’04 Columbia I6 $99.75
Standard ZKX, ZYX 52088550 1999-2004 $112.00
Standard ZLU, ZZU 52088551 1999-2004 $99.75
Standard (tow pkg) ZLX, ZZX 52080400AA 1999-2004 $73.00
Standard (tow pkg) ZKZ, ZYZ 52089500AA 1999-2004(confirmed on Overland w/o U/C) $54.00
Up Country ZLV, ZZV 52088344 1999-2004 $109.00
Up Country ZLW, ZZW 52088345 1999-2004 $109.00

Shocks – Front 1999-2004

Front and rear Up Country shocks

DC Part # MSRP
Standard 5014730AM (1999-2004) $145.00


Up Country 5014732AG  (1999-2004) $169.00

Shocks – Rear 1999-2004

DC Part # MSRP
Standard 5014730AM (1999-2004) $145.00


Up Country 5014732AG  (1999-2004) $169.00

Shocks – Rear 1999-2004

Front and rear Up Country shocks

Type DC Part # MSRP
Standard 52088221AK       (1999-2004) $78.45
Up Country 52088235AE  (1999-2004) $143.00

Front skid plates

Front skid plates, with and without access holes

Year Part # Comments MSRP
1999-2001 52058923 Plate with large access holes $83.70
2002-2004 52080217AB Plate with no access holes $143.00
1999-2004 82207487 or 82208305 (same) Mopar kit with same plate as above (no access holes)
Includes plate and 4x M10x1.50×40 mounting bolts.
Specially priced as a Mopar accessory.
1999-2004 6505961AA M10x1.5×40 mounting bolts $3.00 ea.

Transfer case skid plates

Year Part # Comments MSRP
1999-2004 52058922 Skid plate (same skid plate as below) $147.00
1999-2004 82204489 Skid plate, Mopar kit (same skid plate as above)
(includes plate and 4x M10x1.50×35 bolts w/washers)
1999-2004 6503571
M10x1.50×35 mounting bolts (w/washers) $5.25

Fuel tank skid plates

Year Part # Thickness Comments MSRP
1999-2000 52100313AA
0.040 = 1/25th inch “Brushguard” $190.00
1999-2004 52100376AG 0.125 = 1/8th inch Skidplate $542.00

52100376AG Fuel tank skid plate straps