Jeep WK Grand Cherokee “REC” Navigation radio

2005-2007 Grand Cherokee

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5.8″ color screen – Manufactured by Alpine

Model “REC” (North American market only)


  • DVD Navigation disc, dedicated slot
  • 8-way joystick for navigation control
  • AM/FM Stereo radio
  • Integrated 6-Disc CD Changer
  • MP3 disc playback capability
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio option
  • UConnect option
  • MSRP: $2455.00   P/N: 82208653AL (Mopar kit)



When equipped with UConnect, the navigation radio becomes compatible with the hands-free module within the system. This feature enables the user to place voice-activated, hands-free calls to “Points of Interests” such as restaurants, banks, or other public addresses located within the navigation system’s information database. Phone numbers and call times appear on the system’s screen upon incoming calls.

The navigation radio for the 2005-2007 Grand Cherokees is housed in the upper center section of the dashboard. Features include a large 5.8-inch full-color display, MP3 player, AM/FM stereo, six-disc CD system and navigation system in one unit. An eight-way joystick allows the user to scroll through the navigation menus and icons quickly and effortlessly.

The system guides the user through the drive route providing voice commands, mile by mile, turn-by-turn until the final destination is reached. Destinations may be entered into the system 10 different ways and the screen may be viewed as a detailed map or enlarged to be viewed turn-by-turn.
With MP3 capability and the option to add various entertainment and communication features, the navigation system is clearly in the forefront of information and entertainment technology. The system effectively calculates the quickest and most accurate route and immediately redirects the driver should he or she veer off path.

The MP3 player is a navigation first, and the radio also features SIRIUS Satellite Radio availability. The MP3 feature enables the user to view and play files and folders contained within MP3 discs. Coupled with SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the stream listing, stream category, song title, and artist can be viewed on the system’s display screen.

The navigation system features a single DVD disc which contains mapping, points of interest and business phone numbers across the U.S. (where digitized mapping data and information are available). In addition, route calculations may be made quickly with Alpine’s proprietary software algorithms which provide routing information within 10 seconds. This is crucial when a driver misses a turn and needs an immediate re-route.

The navigation system receives its GPS, or global positioning system signals, from up to eight satellites to display the position and direction of the vehicle. A gyroscope and the vehicle’s speed sensor enable the system to display the present vehicle position even in locations where a GPS signal may not be available. When a destination is entered, the navigation system uses data from the DVD to quickly calculate a route.


REC Navigation radio shown in a 2005 Grand Cherokee
Navigation System Features

Map Zoom: Select from nine different zoom scales to increase or decrease map magnification

Voice Guidance: Choose from four options: Maximum, Normal, Minimum or Off

Route Guidance: View the screen as a turn-by-turn map, full display map or a combination of both

Three Language Option: Select English, French or Spanish. Preferences are in miles or kilometers

Four Routing Methods: Shortest Route, Quickest Route, Minimize Toll Roads, Maximum Freeway and Minimize Freeway

Automatic Route Recalculation and Detour Functions: The system automatically recalculates the position and displays a new route should the user encounter a detour or stray from the directions indicated on the display monitor

Maneuver List: Review the trip itinerary prior to departure and make changes before heading out on the road

Trail Function: Obtain longitude, latitude and altitude readings

Destination features – selectable from ten categories:

1. Point of Interest: Select a destination from a list of locations and public places which are grouped by category

2. Address: Locate address by Street Name, City Name and State

3. Personal Address Book: Stores up to 100 personal locations and phone numbers in the system’s memory; recalls an address from the address book for use as a destination

4. Recent Destination: Choose a destination from your ten most recent route calculations

5. Home Designation: Recall a saved address as your destination

6. Trip Itinerary: Enter up to ten destinations to calculate the most efficient route

7. City Center: Calculate a route with the destination at the center of the city

8. Map Display: Select a destination directly from the map screen, without the need to input the city name of street

9. Phone Number: Use a business phone number to find the route to the location

10. Intersection: Input the names of two cross streets as your destination


REC Nav radio FAQ:



To remove the navigation disc cover, a special tab must be pushed downward

How do I load the Navigation disc?
The navigation disc loads into the lower tray on the REC radio. A special tab needs to be pushed downward and pried outward to release the cover. The tab is located on the left side of the DVD tray, as shown in the photo above.

Can I use the navigation software in my computer?
No. This proprietary software is devoted exclusively by Alpine for the sole purpose of navigation.

Can I play movies or other DVD type discs?
No. The REC is designed to only read the special DVD-ROM Navigation disc. A few different aftermarket companies provide a modification that adds video/audio input jacks, allowing the use of an external device like a DVD player. Also available are external input adaptors for hooking up external audio devices such as the Apple iPod’s.

Which audio CD formats are supported?
CD, most CD-R (recordable CDs), most CD-RW (rewritable CDs) and MP3 CD discs.

Will the radio or CD still play while using the Navigation functions? Yes, you can play the radio or CDs from the built-in CD changer while in the Navigation mode.

Does the REC have its own speaker?
No, it works through the vehicle sound systems left front speaker. During voice commands the radio is automatically muted. The volume for the voice commands can be raised or lowered independent of the radio volume, but only during a voice command.

What are the “RDS” and “PTY” radio features?
RDS stands for “Radio Data System”, a service provided by FM Radio Stations. In addition to the conventional music and voice contribution, information is transmitted in the form of encoded digital signals that are decoded by any RDS compatible car radio (or home radio to a limited degree). A radio station must have the appropriate hardware and software installed to support RDS.

PTY is part of the RDS function and stands for “Program Type”, a feature allows you to search for stations by type of category (i.e. country, classical, rock, news). When ‘PTY’ is selected and you press the ENTER key, the current category is displayed. Pressing the SEEK button tunes the unit to the next station that broadcasts the chosen program type. Pressing the SCAN button searches the unit for all music categories. Not all radio stations broadcast the PTY signal.

The USA supports RDS at a lower level (station name and type only) while the vast majority of FM Stations throughout Europe and Britain feature Dynamic RDS, a more advanced system that includes traffic announcements and other features. RDS data can also be used to transmit the current time and date, as set by the radio station. A clock on an RDS radio never has to be adjusted and will automatically set itself for daylight saving time.

How do I clean the screen?
The screen should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. A high-quality camera lens cloth works best for this, available at any camera store. No liquids should ever be used to clean the screen.

Can I install the REC radio in a 1999-2004 model Grand Cherokee (WJ)?
No. The REC uses the new CAN Bus data system and is not compatible with the PCI system used in pre-2005 models of the Grand Cherokee.

Can I install the REC radio in a 2005-up export model Grand Cherokee (WH)?
No. The REC navigation radio is only compatible with vehicles built for the North American market. Europe and other countries use a similar radio, model REJ.

Can I use the REJ European navigation DVD disc in my REC radio?
No. North American REC models must use the North American DVD disc, and REJ export models must use the DVD discs made for export markets.

My 2005-up Grand Cherokee did not come with the navigation radio, can I add one?
Yes. This is a very easy upgrade. See the Navigation radio upgrade / installation section below.

Should I buy a new or used navigation off of eBay or other online source?
Good deals can be found on navigation radios sold online but buyers must be aware of a few issues. See the “Buying tips” at the end of the Navigation kits and parts table belo


Notes On Playing MP3 Files:

The NAV radio can play MP3 files, however, acceptable MP3 file recording media and formats are limited. When writing MP3 files, pay attention to the following restrictions.

Supported Media (Disc Types)

The MP3 file recording media supported by the radio are CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW.

Supported Medium Formats (File Systems)

The medium formats supported by the radio are ISO 9660 Level 1 and Level 2 and includes the Joliet extension. When reading discs recorded using formats other than ISO 9660 Level 1 and Level 2, the radio may fail to read files properly and may be unable to play the file normally. UDF and Apple HFS formats are not supported.

The radio uses the following limits for file systems:

– Maximum number of directory levels: 15
– Maximum number of files: 255
– Maximum number of folders: 100
– Maximum number of characters in file/folder names:
– Level 1: 12 (including a separator “.” and a 3-character extension)
– Level 2: 31 (including a separator “.” and a 3-character extension)

Multisession disc formats are supported by the radio. Multisession discs may contain combinations of normal CD audio tracks and computer files (including MP3 files). Discs created with an option such as “keep disc open after writing” are most likely multisession discs. The use of multisession for CD audio or MP3 playback may result in longer disc loading times.

Supported MP3 File Formats

The radio will recognize only files with the *.mp3 extension as MP3 files. Non-MP3 files named with the *.mp3 extension may cause playback problems. The radio is designed to recognize the file as an invalid MP3 and will not play the file.

When using the MP3 encoder to compress audio data to an MP3 file, the bit rate and sampling frequencies in the following table are supported. In addition, variable bit rates (VBR) are also supported. The majority of MP3 files use a 44.1 kHz sampling rate and a 192, 160, 128, 96 or VBR bit rates.


MPEG Specification Sampling Frequency Bit Rate (kbps)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 48, 44.1, 32 320, 256, 224, 192, 160, 128, 112, 96, 80, 64, 56, 48, 40, 32
MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3 24, 22.05, 16 160, 128, 144, 112, 96, 80, 64, 56, 48, 40, 32, 24, 16, 8

ID3 Tag information for artist, song title and album title are supported for version 1 ID3 tags. ID3 version 2 is not supported by the radios.

Playlist files are not supported. MP3 Pro files are not supported.

Playback of MP3 Files

When a medium containing MP3 data is loaded, the radio checks all files on the medium. If the medium contains a lot of folders or files, the radio will take more time to start playing the MP3 files.

Loading times for playback of MP3 files may be affected by the following:


  • Media – CD-RW media may take longer to load than CD-R media
  • Medium formats – Multisession discs may take longer to load than non-multisession discs
  • Number of files and folders – Loading times will increase with more files and folders

To increase the speed of disc loading, it is recommended to use CD-R media and single-session discs. To create a single-session disc, enable the Disc at Once option before writing to the disc.

Operation Instructions – (CD Mode for MP3 Audio Play)

SEEK Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Pressing the right side of the SEEK button plays the next MP3 File. Pressing the left side of the SEEK button plays the beginning of the MP3 file. Pressing the button within the first ten seconds plays the previous file.

LOAD/EJECT Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)


Press the LOAD/ EJECT button and the push button with the corresponding number where LOAD the CD is being loaded. The radio will display PLEASE WAIT and prompt when to INSERT DISC. After the radio displays “LOAD DISC” insert the CD into the player. Radio display will show “LOADING DISC” when the disc is loading. LOAD / EJECT – Eject

Press the LOAD/ EJECT button and the push button with the corresponding number where LOAD the CD was loaded and the disc will unload and move to the entrance for easy removal. Radio display will show “EJECTING DISC” when the disc is being ejected and prompt the user to remove the disc.

If you have ejected a disc and have not removed it within 15 seconds, it will be reloaded. If the CD is not removed, the radio will continue to play the non-removed CD. If the CD is removed and there are other CD’s in the radio, the radio will play the next CD after a 2 minute timeout. If the CD is removed and there are no other CD’s in the radio, the radio will remain in CD mode and display “INSERT DISC” for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the radio will go to the previous tuner mode.

MSG or INFO Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Press and MSG or INFO button while playing MP3 disc. The radio scrolls through the following TAG information: Song Title, Artist, File Name, and Folder Name (if available).

Press the MSG or INFO button once more to return to “elapsed time” priority mode.

Press and hold the MSG or INFO button while in the message display priority mode or elapsed time display priority mode will display the song title for each file.

RW/FF (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Press the FF side of the button to move forward through the MP3 selection.

TUNE Control (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Pressing the TUNE Control allows the adjustment of Tone, Balance, and Fade.

AM/FM Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Switches back to Radio mode.

RND/ PTY Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Pressing this button plays files randomly

SET/DIR Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Press the SET/DIR Button to display folders, when playing an MP3 discs that have a file/folder structure. Turn the TUNE control to display available folders or move through available folders. Press the TUNE control to select a folder.

Buttons 1 – 6 (CD Mode for MP3 Play)

Selects disc positions 1 – 6 for Play/Load/Eject.

REC Navigation kits and parts

For most 2005-2007 model Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles

The REC Navigation Radio combines a 5.8-inch full-color display, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Six-disc CD/MP3 player and navigation system that utilizes DVD technology, all in one handy unit. This sophisticated, yet simple-to-use navigation system guides you to your precise destination through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology and an onboard computer. The system offers turn-byturn route guidance with voice instruction, automatic re-route calculation, unique smart-spelling feature, extensive listings for points of interest and enough memory to store 100 personal addresses. Unit includes a geographic DVD with routing directions for the continental 48 States and parts of Canada. The radio features 12 AM, 12 FM, and 12 Sirius Satellite Radio pre-sets. This system is Sirius Satellite Radio capable and displays station names, song title and artist. To obtain Sirius Satellite Radio, a satellite receiver/antenna kit and subscription to the Sirius service is required.

About part numbers: Model codes and part numbers for radios and discs can be quite confusing. A 3-letter model code is assigned for each radio in a particular series. Within that model code, “REC” for example, many different part numbers are assigned during the production run and sales life. Most part numbers start out with a series of numbers, such as “56038646”. Revisions after that add a 2-letter suffix, as in “56038646AA” followed by “AB”, “AC” “AD” and so on. Revisions can consist of circuitry updates or changes, firmware fixes and changes, and minor cosmetic changes. In addition, sometimes changing a supplier for a particular part will result in a updated part number. In most cases the higher the last letter of the part number the newer the part.

A major change in a part will usually result in the numbers being totally changed. For example, one of the later 2006 model REC radios has a part number of ” 56038646AM”. 2007 models started with a totally different number, “5064184xx”. In this case, the 2007 models have an added jack and circuitry to accomodate the rear back up camera and therefore the entire number was changed.

Interchangeability: From what we have seen, all of the “REC” radio part numbers below are interchangeable with all 2005-2007 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles that have the newer CAN bus. The radio reconizes which vehicle it is in and will display the opening screen logo accordingly for either “Dodge”, “Chrysler” or “Jeep”.


Item Part #  (sorted oldest to newest) MSRP
REC navigation radio – Radio onlyNote for 2005-2006 model radios: “56038646AM” is the revised unit with an “improved” joystick. Prior models have had problems with the joystick breaking. All 2007-up models have the improved joystick, although there has also been a few reports of the newer joysticks breaking. Replacement joysticks are available from aftermarket companies for around $10-$15. Installtion requires minor disassembly of the radio and some soldering.

All 2007 model radios include a 3-pin rear camera input jack on the rear of the radio. Very late build 2006 models may also come with the camera jack.

The prices listed for navigation radios represent dealer parts and accessories pricing. The price for a factory installed navigation radio is typically less than these prices. The factory price for the same type of radio may vary between vehicles due to the inclusion of different associated components (speakers, rear camera, for example) and also for marketing reasons. Radios are often quickly discontinued and only the newest revisions may be available from Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers.

Important: Early model radios (P/N 56038646AI through P/N 56038646AL) cannot be used with 2005-up base model Grand Cherokees (vehicles without premium sound). Radios will have garbled sound for the navigation voice.

2005-2006P/N 56038646AI ($1690)
superseded by:
P/N 56038646AJ ($1690)
P/N 56038646AK ($1690)
P/N 56038646AL ($1705)P/N 56038646AM ($1686)
(revised joystick)2007 (w/rear camera jack)P/N 5064184AA ($1690)
P/N 5064184AB ($1690)
P/N 5064184AC ($2390)
P/N 5064184AD ($2390)
P/N 5064184AE ($2335)
P/N 5064184AF ($2335)
P/N 5064184AG ($2335)
P/N 5064184AL ($2455)
$ 2335.00
REC navigation radio – Kit package(includes NAV radio, GPS antenna and DVD-ROM geographic disc covering all of the United States and parts of Canada.)

2005-2006 models Note: P/N 82208653AE and later packages include nav radio P/N 56038646AM. “AM” is the revised unit with an improved joystick. Prior models have had problems with the joystick breaking, although there has also been a few reports of the newer joysticks breaking.

Important: Early model radios (P/N 56038646AI through P/N 56038646AL) cannot be used with 2005-up base model Grand Cherokees (vehicles without premium sound). Radios will have garbled sound for the navigation voice.

P/N 82208653 ($1840)
(includes REC # 56038646AI and disc # 05064033AA)P/N 82208653AA ($1840)
(includes REC # 56038646AJ and disc # 05064033AB)P/N 82208653AB ($1840)
(includes REC # 56038646AK and disc # 05064033AB)P/N 82208653AC ($1860)
(includes – REC # 56038646AL and disc # 05064033AC)P/N 82208653AD ($2035)
(includes REC # 56038646AL, and disc # 05064033AD)P/N 82208653AE ($2455)
(includes REC # 56038646AM, and disc # 05064033AD)P/N 82208653AF ($2455)
(includes REC # 5064184AC, and disc # 05064033AD)

P/N 82208653AG ($2455)
(includes REC # 5064184AD, and disc # 05064033AD)

P/N 82208653AH ($2455)
(includes REC # 5064184AD, and disc # 05064033AE)

P/N 82208653AI ($2455)
(includes – REC # 5064184AE, and disc # 05064033AE)

P/N 82208653AJ ($2455)
(includes – REC # 5064184A?, and disc # 05064033A?)

P/N 82208653AK ($2455)
(includes – REC # 5064184A?, and disc # 05064033A?)

P/N 82208653AL ($2455)
(includes – REC # 5064184A?, and disc # 05064033A?)

$ 2455.00
DVD geographic database discs:The same DVD discs are used for the “REC” series navigation radios as well as the older “RB1” models. Each unit has unique firmware and accesses its own set of operational files from the disc but share the same map database.


5064033AE was released on September 15, 2006 and contains significant increases in the map data section and new subdivisions. The “AE” disc also automatically updates the firmware the first time it is loaded. This UDF format dual-layer disc contains 7.59 GB of data.

Click HERE for a list of cities that were updated on version “AE”.

AE version note: Once a radio has been updated to the 5064033AE disc, previous discs such as “AC” and “AD” are no longer usable. No harm will be done by loading and earlier version disc. A message will come up on the screen that says “Currently, a disc has been inserted which is older than the downloaded program. Please check disc version.”


5064033AF was released on February 20, 2008. It contains over 6.1 million miles of road and offers more than 8 million points of interest including 471,000 restaurants, 69,000 hotels, 116,000 ATMs and 93,000 gas stations. As with the prior “AE” release, the updated mapping software only covers the 48 Continental states and the 9 Canadian Provinces. This UDF format dual-layer disc contains 6.81 GB of data, with the latest changes being made on 11/29/07.


5064033AG was released in December 2008. It contains over 6.1 million miles of road and offers more than 8.8 million points of interest including 688,900 restaurants, 83,600 hotels, 121,800 ATMs and 115,000 gas stations. As with the prior “AF” release, the updated mapping software only covers the 48 Continental states and the 9 Canadian Provinces.

AG version note: This disc contains map updates only, there are no software or firmware updates. Once this disc has been installed in the radio you can still load and use the prior “AF” disc (using the “AF” disc will display the “AF” mapping, using the “AG” disc will display “AG” mapping).

New and expanded detailed coverage areas include:

– Sebastian, AR
– Barstow, Butte, Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Madera, Nevada, Placerville, Roseville, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Sutter, Trumbull & Yuba, CA
– Clear Creek, Eagle, Grand Junction, Pitkin, Pueblo, Summit County & Gilpin CO
– Bay, Citrus, Clay, Hernando, Highlands, Lake, Marion & Okaloosa, FL
– Adams, Bloomington, Champaign, Coles, Jackson, Kankakee, Know, La Salle, Macon, Peoria, Tazewell, Vermillion & Williamson, IL
– Monroe, IN
– Shawnee, KS
– Cambridge, Cumberland, Denton, Easton, & Salisbury, MD
– Allegan, Bay, Berrien, Calhoun, Ionia, Isabella, Jackson, Lenawee, Midland, Muskegon, Saginaw, St. Joseph & Van Buren, MI
– Kennebec, MN
– Missoula, MT
– Alamance, Catawba, Davidson, Fayetteville & Onslow, NC
– Dona Ana, NM
– Cayuga, Lake Placid, Malone, Ontario & Plattsburgh, NY
– Clark, Stark, Warren & Youngstown, OH
– Franklin, Lawrence, Lycoming, Monroe & Pittsburgh, PA
– Greensville, SC
– Angelina, Bowie, Brazoria, Gregg, Hunt, Jefferson, Johnson, Lubbock, Nacogdoches, Orange, Smith, Walker, Wichita & Houston, TX
– Washington, UT
– Augusta, Emporia, Greensville, Harrisonburg, Montgomery, Northampton, Powhatan, Rockingham, Staunton & Waynesboro, VA
– Rutland, VT
– Spokane & Yakima, WA
– Eau Claire, WI


P/N 05064033AC
(July 2004 edition)
Application Version: 01.44.00
Database: 05.0303.00.031604.0006P/N 05064033AD
(February 2006 edition)
Application Version: 01.44.00
Database: 05.0404.00.200521.0005P/N 05064033AE
(September 2006 edition)
Application Version: 02.04.00
Database: 05.0503.00.072506.0003P/N 05064033AF
(February 2008 edition)
Application Version: 02.06.00
Database: 05.0702.00.110507.0002P/N 05064033AG
(December 2008 edition)
Application Version: 02.32.00
Database: 0802.00.101408P/N 05064033AH
(March 2009 edition)
Application Version: TBA
Database: TBAP/N 05064033AI
(November 2009 edition)
Application Version: TBA
Database: TBA

P/N 05064033AJ
Application Version: TBA
Database: TBA

$ 210.00
Installation bezel kit(includes bezel, attaching bracket, navigation face plate, left & right AC outlet and 5 clips)

2005-20065JN311DHAK (Slate Gray) ($74.30)

superseded by:
5JN311DHAL ($74.30)
5JN311DHAM ($71.00)
5JN311DHAN ($83.00)
5JN311DHAO ($86.70)

5JN311J8AG (Khaki) ($130.00)

superseded by:
5JN311J8AH ($74.45)
5JN311J8AI ($74.45)
5JN311J8AJ ($61.75)
5JN311J8AK ($68.90)
5JN311J8AL ($74.45)
5JN311J8AM ($71.00)
5JN311J8AN ($126.00)
5JN311J8AO ($130.00)

2007 models only

Mopar 1EC951DHAC (Slate Gray) ($163.00)
Mopar 1EC951J8AC (Dark Khaki) ($163.00)

$ 126.00
$ 163.00
Mopar kit Replacement GPS antenna(mounts behind instrument cluster) P/N 56038630AA ($87.15)
superseded by
56038630AB ($96.00)
56038630AC ($96.05)
$ 87.15
$ 96.05
Factory installed replacement GPS antenna(with bracket, mounts behind radio) P/N 56038799AB $ 77.90
Replacement DVD disc door P/N 5161571AA $ 6.20
Note: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Parts are not available from this web site. MSRP prices current as of April 2010.

Tips on buying a new or used navigation unit online from eBay
or from non-authorized dealers

If you are buying a navigation unit online from a non-authorized dealer note that you will NOT have a factory warranty. It is important to buy from a trusted source with excellent references, some of which offer their own warranty. Be sure that in addition to the radio that you receive the correct navigation antenna, latest navigation disc and preferably the owner’s manual. There have been a noticeable amount of problems with the joystick controls breaking on REC navigation radios. This is due to a design flaw that was fixed on radios built after mid-September 2005. Joysticks have also been damaged in shipping due to poor packing by those selling used units, which rarely come in their original factory packaging. Assure that the seller will provide a non-DOA or longer guarantee, and that the unit will be carefully packaged.


Navigation radio upgrade / installation




REC Navigation radio shown in a 2005 WK Rocky Mountain edition
Upgrading from a factory standard radio to the navigation radio is easy as far as the installation goes. A bezel kit is required, as shown in the parts list above. The kit includes a new center bezel, attaching bracket, navigation face plate, left & right AC outlets and 5 mounting clips.

Factory radio removal:


Radio/vent bezel removal

Standard radio mounting



Front and back views of the navigation radio bezel

1. Disconnect the battery negative ground cable.

2. The one-piece radio/vent bezel is fastened with 5 spring clips and aligned at the top with plastic tabs. Grab the bezel in the back curved area and pull it forward to pull it away from the plastic tabs. Carefully pull the bezel outwards around its perimeter to release it from the spring tabs.


Rear connectors ’05-’06

Rear connectors 2007

Locking antenna

3. The radio is fastened with four screws, remove them and carefully pull the radio out enough to access the rear connectors. It is important to note that the radio antenna connector is the newer “locking” style”. Grasp the outer ring and pull outward to release the antenna from the radio. For reinstallation it simply pushes back on and locks in place.



Navigation antenna locations
4. Install the navigation antenna. On WK models the factory GPS antenna is located behind the radio and attached with two screws. The antenna may also be positioned on top of the instrument cluster, under the bezel that surrounds the speedometer/tach, and attached with double-sided foam tape.

5. Install the new navigation radio, plugging in the nav antenna, the radio antenna, and the 22-pin radio connector. Carefully push the radio into place making sure no wires are causing any binding. Install the 4 radio screws. Install the new bezel and radio trim plate.




Support brackets used for standard radios
Note: there are two metal bars that extend downward from the “framework” that runs along the dash, which supports the radio and holds it in place (see image above). If you are upgrading to the REC, the two metal bars must be removed in order for the REC to be installed, otherwise there will not be enough clearance.

6. Reconnect the battery negative ground cable.

7. Turn the ignition on and power up the radio. Install the navigation disc by first removing the navigation disc door. A special tab on the door must be pushed in to release it, as shown in the photo below. Install the disc and replace the door. The navigation system will now load the disc and the menu display will come up.




Navigation disc access release
Thanks to Jason Karnitz from Cottage Grove, MN for additional installation tips and images.

REJ navigation radio


(For 2005-2006 “WH” export models only, not compatible with North American REC navigation discs)

The all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee export models (“WH”) began production in March of 2005. The optional navigation radio is similar to the “REC” model that is being offered in the North American market WK Grand Cherokees. Both models feature a 5.8-inch full-color display, MP3 playback capabilty, AM/FM stereo and six-disc CD system.

The North American (REC) and export (REJ) navigation database discs are not interchangeable. If a North American vehicle is exported to Europe (or other export markets) the REC model radio must be exchanged for a REJ model radio in order to utilize the export navigation maps as well as the radio stations.

The DVD included with the REJ radios features mapping for the following regions:

Western Europe Region Group
RHD Asia Region Group
Central Eastern Europe Region Group
Middle East Region Group
Central America Region Group
Puerto Rico Region Group

Part numbers: (oldest to newest; parts are not available from North American dealers)

Navigation radio:

P/N 5091508AF   MSRP $1645.00 US
superseded by:
P/N 5091508AG   MSRP $1690.00 US
P/N 5091508AH   MSRP $1690.00 US
P/N 5064191AD   MSRP $2070.00 US
P/N 5064191AE   MSRP $1690.00 US
P/N 5064191AF   MSRP $1690.00 US
P/N 5064191AG   MSRP $1690.00 US
P/N 5064191AH   MSRP $1690.00 US

Navigation radio package:

P/N 82208905AC   MSRP $2125.00 US
superseded by:
P/N 82208905AD   MSRP $2125.00 US
P/N 82208905AE   MSRP $2125.00 US
P/N 82208905AF   MSRP $2125.00 US
P/N 82208905AG   MSRP $2125.00 US
P/N 82208905AH   MSRP $2125.00 US
P/N 82208905AI   MSRP $2125.00 US

DVD geographic database discs:

P/N 56038650AC  MSRP $202.00 US
superseded by:
P/N 56038650AD  MSRP $202.00 US
P/N 56038650AE  MSRP $202.00 US
P/N 56038650AF  MSRP $202.00 US
P/N 56038650AG  MSRP $202.00 US (2009-2010 edition)

GPS antenna:

P/N 56038630AC   MSRP $96.05.00 US



56038650AG navigation disc (europe 2009-2010)

  1. Hello, Just purchased a 2007 Grand Cherokee Overland which is fitted with an REJ head unit. I would like to upgrade this, but would like to avoid cheap Android head units. Looking for reasonable up to date maps for the UK, phone connection and ability to plug in Ipod. Please may I ask for your advice, if I remove the REJ, will a double din head unit fit perfect or do I need spacer kit? Would a later unit from newer Grand Cherokee fit RHB, RBZ ?
    any advice gratefully received!

  2. Hi.
    Is it possible to buy the “56038650AG navigation disc (europe 2009-2010)” to my Jeep grand Cherokee CRD 2005?
    And is the maps compatible with my unit?
    Are there any newer versions, i would be more interested in them.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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