Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Trailer Sway Control

Welcome to the in-depth page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee trailer sway control. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

A trailer sway control feature is available on 2008-up models of the Grand Cherokee. Trailer Sway Control uses sensors in the vehicle to recognize an excessively swaying trailer and will take the appropriate actions to attempt to stop the sway. The system may reduce engine power and apply the brake of the appropriate wheel(s) to counteract the sway of the trailer. The TSC will become active automatically once an excessively swaying trailer is recognized. No driver action is required.

What it Does:

  • Reduces trailer sway and improves handling in adverse towing conditions caused by crosswinds, traffic and improper weight distribution on the trailer

How it Works:

  • The system monitors the vehicle’s movement relative to the driver’s intended path and the vehicle yaw sensor recognizes sway
  • System applies brake pressure on one front wheel to counteract the yaw induced by the trailer and applies brake pressure to all four wheels to slow the vehicle
  • As the trailer sways to the other side of the vehicle, Trailer Sway Control will increase pressure to the opposite side of the vehicle
  • The system will continue to apply alternating brake pressure and reduce engine torque until the trailer is under control