Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Auto Tilt-Down Mirrors

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Many Chrysler vehicles come with a user-programmable feature that allows the side mirrors to automatically tilt downward when the vehicle is put into reverse. This can be useful when parking near curbs. This feature can be enabled on 2005-2008 models of the Grand Cherokee Limited, Overland and SRT8, but must programmed by the dealer using a scan tool.

Directions for enabling tilt mirror function with Starscan:2005-2008 Grand Cherokee WK
1. Go to the FCM screen
2. Select “ECU Details”
3. Select “More Options”
4. Mirror tilt function is at the bottom of the listIf the above directions do not work, try:1) Vehicle Preparation / Tilt Mirrors in Reverse Feature
2) ECU View / MSMD / Misc.Functions / Tilt Mirrors in Reverse Feature
Then click ‘Start’, ‘Next’, ‘Enable’, ‘Finish’.