Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Mopar Remote Start Kits

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Mopar has a fully integrated, OEM tested remote start system that allows you to start your vehicle from as far away as 800 feet with just the push of a button. Imagine starting and warming your vehicle from your place of work or home on cold winter days, or cooling the same vehicle on hot summer days. Mopar’s Remote Start system is designed to work with your Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicle and interface seamlessly with your vehicle’s electronic security key.

2005-2007 Grand Cherokee

1A. Remote start module kit (for 2005-2007 Grand Cherokee)
Contains the base electronics module for under-dash mounting and a complete fuse kit. Use with installation kit below. Cannot be used on vehicles with Mopar’s EVS Security Systems. P/N 82208859AB. MSRP: $70.75

1B. Remote start installation kit (for 2005-2007 Grand Cherokee):
Includes harness, long-range antenna, key transponder interface, software cartridge, hood tilt switch, two mini one-button keyfobs, install and operating instructions and hardware. Use with module kit above. P/N 82208994AG. MSRP: $210

1C. Remote Start upgrade, with two-way Start Confirmation – (for 2007 Grand Cherokee)
Take the next step by upgrading Mopar’s Remote Start System with a Two-Way Remote Start System. This system will control the remote starting of your vehicle and provide you with both audible and visual feedback (via a 2-button remote transmitter) when your vehicle starts, while it is running and when it turns off. Two-Way Remote Start can only be installed on vehicles equipped with an Automatic Transmission. This system is not compatible with Mopar’s EVS Security Systems. Requires purchase or existing installation of One-Way Remote Start system (82208859AB). Includes two-way DNA module, miniature fob with bi-color LED illumination and car find/panic mode alert tones. P/N 82209985AG. MSRP: $112.00.

2005-2007 Remote Start Kit p/n 82208994 components

2008-2010 Grand Cherokee (same as production)

Remote start module with installation kit (for 2008-2009 Grand Cherokee):

Upgrade your Jeep to the same components as a factory remote start with the same integrated keys as production. The new keys will need to be cut and programmed to the vehicle.


2008 models: P/N 82211018AC. MSRP: $235.00.

2009 models: P/N 82211932. MSRP: $235.00.

2010 models: P/N 82212148. MSRP: $235.00

Key fob for 2008-2009 kits

Factory Remote Start System operation

If your vehicle is equipped with a remote starting system, it allow the vehicle to be started up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from the vehicle using the remote keyless entry key fob which is part of the ignition key.

All of the following conditions must be met before the engine will remote start:

  • Shift lever in PARK
  • Doors closed
  • Hood closed
  • Liftgate closed
  • Hazard switch off
  • Brake switch inactive (brake pedal not pressed)
  • Ignition key removed from ignition switch
  • Battery at an acceptable charge level
  • RKE PANIC button not pressed

Press and release the REMOTE START button on the RKE transmitter twice, within five seconds. The parking lights will flash and the horn will chirp twice (if programmed). Then, the engine will start and the vehicle will remain in the Remote Start mode for a 15 minute cycle.

Remote Start button

Once the vehicle has started, the engine will run for 15 minutes. The parking lamps will remain illuminated to indicate that the vehicle has remote started and the engine is running. The lamps will turn off when the ignition is turned to RUN or the remote start is cancelled.

Remote start will cancel if any of the following occur:

  • If The Engine Stalls Or Rpm Exceeds 2500
  • Normal Time Out Run Mode (15 Minutes)
  • Customer Moves Ignition Into Run/start
  • Any Vehicle Door Ajar
  • Trunk/liftgate Ajar
  • Hood Ajar
  • Start Counter Reached
  • Low Rpm Shutdown
  • Key In Ignition
  • Brake Pressed
  • The Hazard Switch Is Pressed
  • Not In Park Or Neutral
  • Vehicle Speed High
  • VTA Alarm Triggered
  • Panic Mode Activated
  • Battery Voltage High
  • Battery Voltage Low
  • Loss Of Battery Voltage
  • MIL On
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Coolant Temperature High
  • Crank No Start
  • RKE Off Message
  • Vehicle Not Configured
  • Hood Switch Not Installed Or Inoperative
  • No Automatic Transmission
  • Invalid Key
  • Ignition SNA (signal not available from other module)
  • Ignition Not In Lock
  • Vehicle In Shipping Mode
  • Vehicle Not Programmed


  • If an engine fault is present the vehicle will start and then shut down 10 seconds later.
  • The park lamps will turn on and remain on during Remote Start mode.
  • For security, power window and power sunroof operation (if equipped) are disabled when the vehicle is in the Remote Start mode.
  • The engine can be started two consecutive times (two 15 minute cycles) with the RKE transmitter. However, the ignition switch must be cycled to the ON position before you can repeat the start sequence for a third cycle.

The vehicle can be started remotely up to a maximum of two times. The vehicle is also allowed a maximum of one failed start, where the remote start sequence was initiated but cancelled before the engine begins to crank. After either of these conditions, or if the Vehicle Theft Alarm is alarming, or if the PANIC button was pressed, the vehicle must be reset by inserting a valid key into the ignition and moving it to the RUN position, then back to LOCK.

To Exit Remote Start Mode Without Driving the Vehicle

Press and release the REMOTE START button one time or allow the engine to run for the entire 15 minute cycle.

NOTE: To avoid unintentional shutdowns, the system will disable the one time press of the REMOTE START button for two seconds after receiving a valid Remote Start request.

To Exit Remote Start Mode and Drive the Vehicle

Before the end of 15 minute cycle, press and release the UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitter to unlock the doors and disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm (if equipped). Then, prior to the end of the 15 minute cycle, insert the key into the ignition switch and turn the switch to the ON position.

NOTE for 2007 models: After the vehicle is unlocked, you have 60 seconds to enter the vehicle, insert the key into the ignition, and move it to the RUN position. Otherwise, the engine will cancel remote start and automatically turn off.

The ignition switch must be in the ON position in order to drive the vehicle.

For vehicles equipped with the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), the message “Insert Key/ Turn To Run” will flash in the EVIC until you insert the key. Once inserted, the message “Turn To Run” will flash in the EVIC until you turn the key to run.