Mirror switch with power-fold function

Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Overland Power-Folding Mirrors

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Export models of the Grand Cherokee have for many years featured power-folding mirrors that move inward with the touch of a button. Starting with the 2006 Overland models Jeep introduced this feature in North America for the first time. This featured carried over into the 2007 Overland models but was discontinued mid-model year, around January 2007.

Grand Cherokee WK owners can purchase the Overland mirrors and associated mirror door panel switch and install them into models that did not come with this option. So far this upgrade has been confirmed to work on the 2005-2006 Limited and 2006 SRT8 models and will most likely work on 2007-2010 Limited and SRT8 models as well.


2006 WK Overland power-folding heated mirrors
Color / Paint code Part number MSRP
Black Clear Coat (PX8) 1BU171X8AB (Left)1BU161X8AB (Right) $610.00$415.00
Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat (PSB) 1BU171SBAB (Left)1BU161SBAB (Right) $602.00$415.00
Jeep Green Metallic (PGJ) 1BU171GJAB (Left)1BU161GJAB (Right) $572.00$400.00
Light Graystone Pearl (PDA) 1BU171DAAB (Left)1BU161DAAB (Right) $572.00$400.00
Platinum (platinum top trim, black bottom) 1BU171XFAA (Left)1BU161XFAA (Right) $470.00$347.00
Red Rock Crystal Pearl Coat (PEM) 1BU171EMAB (Left)1BU161EMAB (Right) $572.00$400.00
Steel Blue Metallic (PBM) 1BU171BMAB (Left)1BU161BMAB (Right) $610.00$415.00
Power-folding mirror switch
Switch, mirror 04602789AA $15.85


Mirror removal:

1. To remove the existing mirrors the door trim panels must be removed. See Door trim panel removal instructions on this web site.

2. Disengage power mirror harness connector.

3. Remove the foam flag seal covering the mounting area.

4. Remove the three nuts attaching mirror to door.

5. Carefully separate mirror from door. There is a rubber gasket in the center that the wires pass through, it may help a little to push the gasket through from the inner door side with your fingers while pulling the mirror off from the outside.

Mirror wiring:

1. A pair of wires must be run from the passenger door mirror harness connector (empty pin slots 4 & 5) over into the driver’s side door. This pair, and a pair from the driver side mirror connector (empty pin slots 4 & 5) hook into the two empty slots (pins 1 & 10) on the new mirror switch. See wiring diagram below.

2. Remove the front door sill scuff plate by pulling it upwards, it is held in place by spring clips.

Door sill scuff plate removal


3. Remove the left and right lower cowl panels for access to feed wiring from under the dash into the doors. The kick panels pull out straight towards you, but also need to clear the hood release handle (drivers side only) and weatherstripping. Lift up on the “tail” end first as it has a plastic guide pin that fits into the door sill.

Cowl trim removal, left side, right side

3. The wires can be fed into the door via the left and right kick panels and in through the rubber boot in the door openings. Remove the door speakers for easy access to pull the wire through the rubber boot and into the door.

Wiring diagram for power-folding mirrors


If you actuate the power fold mirror to the close position or if you manually fold it with your hands you MUST use the power fold mirror function (use the motor) to bring the mirror back to the home position. If you manually use your hands to bring the mirror back to it’s home position the mirror will be loose.

An example would be: the vehicle goes through a car wash and the driver either folds the mirrors in by the power fold function or the brushes knock the mirrors to the close position and then when exiting the wash an attendant manually folds the mirror back.


Special thanks to JeepsUnlimited.com member JTS97Z28 for providing additional information on this upgrade.