The 2006 Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee SRT8's suspension features SRT-tuned dampers, unique sway bars and specially tailored spring rates and suspension bushings. J2006_027

Jeep WK Grand Cherokee SRT8 Run-Flat Tires

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In the rain, in the snow and on dry roads, the Eagle RS-A EMT radial’s unique asymmetrical tread design offers superior traction to help you keep your course. With its premium sidewall styling, it looks as good as it performs. Goodyear’s Run-Flat Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) allows you to maintain driveability of your vehicle, even after a complete loss of tire air pressure.


Unique asymmetrical tread design
Aggressive shoulder tread blocks and wide lateral grooves
Advanced run-flat technology


High traction, precise cornering, quiet ride
Confident handling in wet, dry or snow conditions
Driveability even after a complete loss of air pressure

Note: Vehicle tire pressure monitoring system required with runflat tires

Warranty and repair

Any new Goodyear Extended Mobility Technology tire removed from service due to a covered warranty condition or rendered not repairable due to a road hazard injury during the first 2/32″ of treadwear or 12 months from date of purchase, whichever occurs first, will be replaced at no charge. Mounting and balancing are included. Repairable punctures will also be repaired at no charge during this period. Without proof of purchase date of manufacture will be used to determine age.

Like any other Goodyear speed rated high performance tire, the Goodyear Run-Flat EMT tire may be repaired to correct a nail-hole puncture in the tread, but proper materials and procedures must be used. Contact a Goodyear Run-Flat EMT service facility for information on proper repairs.

PRORATED ADJUSTMENT – A tire not eligible for no-charge replacement that is removed from service due to a covered warranty condition or rendered not repairable due to a road hazard injury will be replaced on a prorated basis.

Replacement price will be calculated by multiplying the tire’s advertised retailer selling price at the time of adjustment by the percentage of usable original tread that has been worn off. You pay for mounting, balancing, and applicable taxes. If a tire has a repairable puncture, and is not eligible for no-charge coverage, you pay for the cost of the puncture repair

EXAMPLE: If your disabled tire had an original 8/32″ of usable treadwear and is worn to 4/32″ usable tread remaining, you have used 50% and therefore must pay 50% of the current advertised selling price of the replacement tire. If the price of the new replacement tire is $450, the cost to you would be $225 plus any additional charges such as mounting, balancing and applicable taxes.

A tire has delivered its full original tread life and the coverage of this warranty ends when the treadwear indicators become visible (worn to 2/32″), or six (6) years from the date of original tire manufacture or new tire purchase date. Without proof of purchase, date of manufacture will be used to determine age.

The Goodyear Run-Flat EMT tire can be driven up to 50 miles (80 km) at sustained speeds of up to 55 mph (88 km/h) at low or zero air pressure. However, the tire may have to be replaced if driven to these limits. To help prolong the life of a tire operating under low-inflation conditions, drive at a speed as far below 55mph (88 km/h) as possible. Also, drive the shortest distance possible before obtaining tire service. Taking these precautions will increase the chance that your tire will be repairable.

To locate your nearest authorized Goodyear Run-Flat EMT service facility, call 1-800-RUN-FLAT (1-800-786-3528).

For complete and detailed warranty information and limitations, view the PDF file in the link below.


Goodyear EMT Limited Warranty and Tire Care and Maintenance Guide (PDF)



Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT
Weight Rim
Per Mile
1819 lbs. 33 psi 44 psi 36.88 lbs. 8.5″ 8.0″ – 9.5″ 10.0″ 8.3″ 11/32″ 719 168 mph 29.1″
Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT
1944 lbs. 33 psi 44 psi 40.68 lbs. 10.0″ 9.5″ – 11.0″ 11.4″ 10.9″ 12/32″ 721 168 mph 29.0″
Export models only, Front & Rear:
Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT
1709 lbs. 33 psi 44 psi ?? lbs. 8.0″ 7.5″ – 9.0″ 9.6″ 8.4″ 729 168 mph 28.7″


Tire Type – Defines the proper use of the tire. “P” means passenger car tire.

Tire Width (section width) – The width of the tire measured in inches from sidewall to sidewall.

Aspect Ratio – The the ratio of the height of the tire’s cross-section to its width. 45 means that the height is equal to 45% of the tire’s width.

Construction – Tells you how the tire was put together. The “R” stands for radial, which means that the body ply cords, which are layers of fabric that make up the body of the tire, run radially across the tire from bead to bead.

Wheel Diameter – The width of the wheel from one end to the other.

Load Index – The number corresponds to the maximum load in pounds that a tire can support when properly inflated. You will also find the maximum load in pounds and in kilograms molded elsewhere on the tire sidewall.

Speed Rating – A number that corresponds to the maximum service speed for a tire. “W” means that the tire has a maximum service speed of 168 mph. Please note that this rating relates only to tire speed capability, and is NOT a recommendation to exceed legally posted speed limits; always drive within the legal speed limits.