2005 Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Premium Audio System


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Boston Acoustics Legendary Boston Sound
and DSP technology




288-watt Digital Signal Processing amplifier
6-speaker configuration custom-designed for the Grand Cherokee
DSP Delay control, Multiband equalization & Occupancy mode


At the New York International Auto Show on April 8th, 2004, Boston Acoustics, Inc. revealed the all-new 2005 Jeep® Grand Cherokee as the third vehicle line in its original automotive OEM program with the Chrysler Group. The premier audio solutions manufacturer will provide high performance sound systems for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Beginning in the fall of 2004, custom designed, engineered and equalized Boston Acoustics audio systems will be available as factory installed or upgrade options across the Jeep Grand Cherokee family of vehicles.

The systems combine Boston Acoustics’ high-quality, high performance speakers and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Together they deliver clean, clear sound and the smooth octave-to-octave tonal balance, known as the legendary “Boston Sound.” Jeep Grand Cherokee will feature a 6-speaker configuration powered by a 280-watt DSP amplifier.

The MACH® Digital Signal Processing (DSP) System enhances reception performance and optimizes a vehicle’s listening environment using sound equalization and audio delays. Visteon customizes this control for individual vehicles to provide the most favorable acoustic environment. Via variable noise- and interference-reducing filters, MACH DSP provides an audio system that adapts continuously to maximize reception conditions.

“Grand Cherokee owners are accustomed to superior driving performance from their Trail Rated Jeep vehicles,” said Michael Chass, vice president, OEM, for Boston Acoustics. “This sound system ensures they’ll experience the same level of performance when listening to audio.”

“The addition of the Jeep Grand Cherokee completes the package for our first automotive OEM program announced in 2002 and our initial business award with the Chrysler Group,” comments Moses Gabbay, president and CEO of Boston Acoustics. “By the end of 2004, new Chrysler Group customers will have the ability to enjoy ‘The Boston Sound’ in vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.”


The Grand Cherokee audiophile system is powered by a six channel, 288-watt amplifier with Digital Signal Processing. A total of six speakers are used, including two 3.5-inch mid- to high-frequency instrument panel mounted speakers, two 6 x 9-inch woofers mounted in the front doors and two 6.5-inch full-range speakers mounted in the rear doors.

The amplifier is mounted to the left rear quarter panel behind the quarter trim panel. It receives fused battery current from a fuse in the Integrated Power Module (IPM) at all times. The internal circuitry of the amplifier switches the amplifier on based upon a CAN bus message that is received from the radio receiver whenever the radio is turned on. The amplifier receives the sound signal inputs from the left and right rear outputs of the radio, then sends the amplified speaker outputs for each of those channels to the speakers.


About Boston Acoustics

Boston Acoustics, Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance audio solutions for home entertainment, automobiles, and personal computers. Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, Inc. is a renowned performance and value leader in the audio industry. Boston designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, after-market and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Boston Acoustics is located in Peabody, Massachusetts.

The Boston Sound™

What exactly is The Boston Sound? Simply, it means that all Boston systems—from our largest and most powerful home theater speakers to our car audio components—all speak in the same “voice.” What sets The Boston Sound apart is a pure, neutral tonal balance from one end of the sonic spectrum to the other. Another way of saying this is that highs, mids, and lows all play in perfect balance. The result: Whether you’re listening to music or movies, you hear exactly what the original artist had intended. An explosive special effect in a movie has all the power and impact in your home theater that it had in the movie theater. You get the idea: The Boston Sound is as close to reality as you can get.

For more information on Boston Acoustics, visit the company’s Web site at www.bostonacoustics.com