Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Mojave Edition

Welcome to the showcase page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Mojave edition. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

Note: We are not sure if this vehicle conversion has ever come to market. Repeated emails to AEV have gone unanswered. We were originally promised additional photos of the Mojave edition from AEV but after writing more than 6 different emails with no response we gave up trying to get them. Many people have written this web site stating that they also cannot seem to get information from AEV.

The WK Mojave edition, unveiled at the SEMA show in November 2004, was put together as a joint venture between AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) and the Chrysler SkunkWerks team. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Mojave Edition features custom wheels and tires, a matte-black hood and corresponding accents, custom rocker panels, a custom roof rack and a functional “off-road enthusiast bumper” that includes a winch and tow hooks. A custom rear bumper is also under development.


Vehicles and parts should be in production around the end of January 2005. Customers will be able to order brand new 2005 Grand Cherokee vehicles the same as they would from the factory, including all desired factory options. The stock factory vehicles will be sold at invoice cost, plus the cost of the Mojave Edition features and options chosen. Mojave Edition pricing will be announced soon.

AEV will start taking orders for the WK Mojave Edition in December of 2004. Most of the Mojave edition options will be available separately for self-installation, but parts priority will go to those ordering complete Mojave Edition vehicles.

Hemi engine mod:

The original DCX Press Release incorrectly stated that Mojave Editions with the Hemi engine option would have some performance modifications. Mojave Edition vehicle engines will not be modified and will retain their factory specifications.Wheels:

The wheels are 17″, not 22″ as also reported incorrectly (this particular project was put together at the last minute, AEV had only about two and 1/2 weeks to build the Mojave edition for the SEMA show). A new 17″ wheel is being tooled specifically for the WK with that suspension, but design is in the very early stages.


The suspension will be somewhere in the $1500 to $1700 range which includes reflashing the computer. A computer reflash is required because of the new tire size (speedometer calibration) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program). The flash would also be required for DHS (Dynamic Handling System) equipped vehicles, but AEV will not be using the DHS option on the Mojave edition due to the fact that WK’s equipped with this feature have less wheel travel.


Rocker guards will be in the $300-$340 range.

Roof rack:

The roof rack is still going through development testing to minimize wind noise.


Around $300