Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Body Side Moldings

and exterior side window trim moldings

Welcome to the in-depth page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee body side moldings. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

Owners of Laredo models may want to change out the black body side molding to the chrome style used on the Limited, Rocky Mountain and SRT8 models or the platinum versin used on the Overland. Alternatively, owners with the chrome or platinum molding may want to replace theirs with the black molding used on the Laredo. This modification can be done very easily, as the body side strips are attached to the vehicle with an adhesive backing. The strips can be removed by carefully heating them with a heat gun, as described below. In addition, if desired, the black “Grand Cherokee” lettering can be painted a different color, as seen in picture shown below.

2005-2010 WK body side molding

Note: All molding styles are interchangeable between model years
Color / Year / Model Location Part number MSRP
1. Black molding (wide)2005-2006 Laredo Front Door, Right 5HU14RXFAD $ 52.95
Front Door, Left 5HU15RXFAD $ 54.50
Rear Door, Right 5HU20RXFAD $ 41.60
Rear Door, Left 5HU21RXFAD $ 41.60
2. Black molding (narrow)2007-2009 Laredo Front Door, Right 1DG42RXFAD $ 41.60
Front Door, Left 1DG43RXFAD $ 41.60
Rear Door, Right 1DG40RXFAB $ 31.35
Rear Door, Left 1DG41RXFAB $ 31.35
3. Chrome molding2005-2010 Limited

2006 65th Anniversary Edition (Laredo)

2005-2009 Rocky Mountain (Laredo)

2006-2010 SRT8

2010 Laredo

Note: Rocky Mountain and 65th anniversary Editions are Laredo models
built with chrome bodyside moldings and black window trim strips.

Front Door, Right 55156848AD $ 104.00
Front Door, Left 55156849AD $ 104.00
Rear Door, Right 55156846AC $ 67.10
Rear Door, Left 55156847AC $ 67.10
4. Platinum molding2006-2009 Overland

Note: Overland models were only built for model years 2006-2009

Front Door, Right 4806274AA $ 101.00
Front Door, Left 4806275AA $ 101.00
Rear Door, Right 4806272AA $ 65.70
Rear Door, Left 4806273AA $ 65.70
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.


1. Apply a length of masking tape on the body, parallel to the top edge of the molding to use as a guide, if necessary.
2. Warm the effected adhesive type molding and body metal to approximately 38°C (100°F) using a suitable heat lamp or heat gun.
3. Pull stick-on molding from painted surface.


1. Clean body surface with MOPARŽ Super Kleen solvent or equivalent. Wipe surface dry with lint free cloth.
2. Remove protective cover from tape on back of molding. Apply molding to body below the masking tape guide.
3. Remove masking tape guide and firmly press molding to body surface to assure adhesion.





2005-2010 WK side window trim (weatherstrips)


Black: All Laredo models
Chrome: All Limited, Rocky Mountain, 65th Anniversary and SRT8 models
Platinum: All Overland models


Location Part number / MSRP
Front Door, Right Black
55394030AG   (vehicles built up to 01/04/07)   ($ 47.10)
55399114AC   (vehicles built after 01/04/07)   ($ 19.35)Chrome
55396318AG   ($ 78.70)
Superseded by
55078162AA   (up to 01/04/07)
55399130AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 50.20)Platinum
55157324AB   ($ 146.00)
superseded by
55078160AA   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 53.30)
55399108AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 71.80)
Front Door, Left Black
55394031AG   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 43.80)
55399115AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 35.00)Chrome
55396319AG   ($ 78.70)
superseded by
55078163AA   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 23.95)
55399131AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 50.20)Platinum
55157325AB   ($ 146.00)
superseded by
55078161AA   (up to 01/04/07)  ($ 55.95)
55399109AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 71.80)
Rear Door, Right Black
55394034AG   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 51.95)
55399116AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 18.85)Chrome
55396320AG   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 74.35)
55399128AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 30.80)Platinum
55157326AB   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 139.00)
55399106AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 66.80)
Rear Door, Left Black
55394035AG   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 50.00)
55399117AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 18.85)Chrome
55396321AE   (up to 01/04/07) ($ 68.80)
55399129AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 30.80)Platinum
55157327AA   (up to 01/04/07)   ($ 108.00)
55399107AC   (after 01/04/07)   ($ 59.60)
Quarter panel, Right(trim strip and window are one-piece) Black
55394168AB   ($ 362.00)Chrome
55396304AA   ($ 362.00)Platinum
55157328AA   ($ 362.00)
Quarter panel, Left(trim strip and window are one-piece) Black
55394169AB   ($ 362.00)Chrome
55396305AA   ($ 362.00)Platinum
55157329AA   ($ 362.00)
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of February 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.

2005 Laredo with black side and black window moldings

2005 Rocky Mountain Edition with chrome side molding and black window moldings

2007 Overland with platinum side and platinum window moldings