Jeep WK Grand Cherokee SRT8 Brochures and Literature

Welcome to the archived copies of the  Jeep WK Grand Cherokee SRT8 brochures and literature. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

Press kits and promotional materials
2006 Grand Cherokee SRT-8 press kit. Features a 13-page information/specifications booklet and CD-ROM housed in a custom cardboard box. A Jeep imprinted plastic rubber band came wrapped around the box. Issued March 23, 2005 at the NY Auto Show press preview.
2006 SRT lineup brochure. 8-page fold-out, Grand Cherokee SRT8 featured on one page. Issued Summer 2005.PDF file of Grand Cherokee page.
Grand Cherokee SRT8 “Earth’s Fastest Species” mini brochure. 12-page fold-out. Issued Summer 2005. Front and back covers shown at left, inside panoramic photo shown below.


2006 SRT8 mini brochure


Owner’s manuals
2006 Grand Cherokee SRT8 owner’s manual. 392-pages.  PDF  (10.78 MB)
2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8 owner’s manual. 400-pages.  PDF  (12.64 MB)
2008 Grand Cherokee SRT8 owner’s manual. 404-pages.  PDF  (  5.64 MB)
2009 Grand Cherokee SRT8 owner’s manual. 439-pages.  PDF  (  6.19 MB)
2010 Grand Cherokee SRT8 owner’s manual. 399-pages.  PDF  (  5.97 MB)
Print advertisements
Grand Cherokee SRT8 “The Cheetah of the Concrete Jungle” print advertisement.
Sales materials and handbooks