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Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Cabin Air Filter

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All 2011-up Grand Cherokee vehicles come standard with a particulate air filter that helps purify the outside air entering the HVAC housing. The filter is mounted in the passenger compartment, behind the glove box bin.

The filter should be replaced at least once a year or every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) and checked if heating-A/C system performance seems lower than expected. The particulate air filter is labeled with an arrow to indicate the direction of air flow through the filter.

Regularly changing cabin air filters also can reduce build-up of debris and bacteria on the evaporator core of your car’s air conditioning and ventilation system, maximizing the life of the system. Cabin air filters stop most airborne particles, and to some extent are capable of reducing mild odors.



Cabin air filter parts
Cabin Air Filter
(2011-up model years)
Part number: 68079487AA List price: $31.75

(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. MSRP prices are current as of January 2014. Parts are not available from this web site.)

Cabin filter removal

WARNING: Always make sure the A/C-heater system is turned off and that the ignition switch is in the OFF position prior to servicing the particulate air filter. Never place fingers or other objects into the filter opening of the HVAC housing. Failure to follow this warning may result in serious injury.


1. Remove the glove box shelf

(2) from the instrument panel (1). Carefully pull the shelf rearward to disengage the four retainers. 2. Disengage the retaining tab (1) that secures the particulate air filter cover (2) to the HVAC housing. 3. Open the particulate air filter cover to disengage the hinge clips

(3) and remove the cover.

4. Remove the particulate air filter (1) from the HVAC housing (2) by pulling the filter element straight rearward, out of the housing.


Cabin filter installation

NOTE: The particulate air filter is labeled with an arrow to indicate air flow direction through the filter. Make sure to properly install the particulate air filter. Failure to properly install the filter will result in the need to replace the filter sooner than required by design.


1. Install the particulate air filter (1) into the filter opening in the HVAC housing (2). Insert the particulate air filter directly into the housing with the arrows on the filter (3) pointing to the floor.

2. Position the particulate air filter cover (2) to the HVAC housing and engage the hinge clips (3).

3. Close the particulate air filter cover and engage the retaining tab (1). Make sure the retaining tab and hinges are fully engaged.

4. Install the glove box shelf (2). Make sure the four retainers are fully engaged to the instrument pane (1).