2012 Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Active Damping Suspension System

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While the SRT8 vehicles are at home on the track, they also need to be comfortable on a day-to-day basis. To answer this need the 2012 Charger, Challenger, 300C and Grand Cherokee SRT8s have user-selectable multi-mode systems that affects settings such as damping rates and shift points.

The SRT8 suspension is part of an Active Damping System (ADS). The ADS includes unique shock absorbers, an Active Damping Control Module (ADCM), and three accelerometers that work together to modify the ride of the suspension over varying road conditions. There are three active damping sensors. The front sensors are located in each front wheel well next to the brake line junction. The rear sensor is mounted in the right rear wheel well on the shock tower. The sensors are 3 wire, 5V reference sensors wired directly to the Active Damping Control Module.

The Active Damping System shock assembly is similar to a conventional coil over shock with the addition of a shock solenoid assembly mounted on the side of its body with a three wire harness connector attached to it. The ADS shock assembly is serviced the same as a conventional shock absorber, with the addition of disconnecting the ADS harness connector from behind the splash shield.

The SRT front suspension is similar to the standard front suspension but some components have been modified for unique ride, handling, and steering performance. Service of all front suspension components remain the same as the standard components. The front knuckle for the SRT is different from the standard knuckle. Although similar in appearance, the knuckle has been modified to accept the larger tire and wheel assembly. Also, the mounting bosses for the disc brake caliper have been moved downward to allow for mounting of the Brembo disc brake caliper.

The front stabilizer bar diameter has been increased for the SRT. It is serviced in the same manner as the standard bar.

The ADS shock assemblies are similar to conventional shock absorbers with the addition of a shock solenoid assembly and the associated wiring mounted to the shock absorber body. Please note that because the shock absorber is a monotube design, it is important to never support the shock by its tubular housing.

While some ADS components look similar to standard components, it is important to remember that these parts should not be interchanged.


ADS modes

The non-Jeep SRT8 models have two modes – AUTO and SPORT. AUTO mode provides standard settings and is latching at key OFF and re-start. SPORT mode changes suspension settings from normal to firm and is also latching at key OFF and re-start.

These modes are selected via a radio interface on the 300 and Charger SRT8 vehicles, a center-stack mounted button on Challenger SRT8s, or a center-console-mounted dial on Grand Cherokee SRT8s.

The Grand Cherokee SRT8 has user selectable settings that are chosen via a five-position dial. The settings are AUTO, TOW, SNOW, SPORT, and TRACK.

AUTO is the default key ON mode and is geared to provide for economy. In TOW mode the suspension remains in AUTO mode while the engine performance is optimized to provide maximum torque.

When SNOW is selected, the suspension remains in AUTO as well, but the transmission will start in 2nd gear and the electronic limited slip differential (ELSD) is optimized for low-traction situations.

SPORT mode firms the suspension up while the transmission and ELSD both switch to more aggressive settings.

Selecting TRACK mode causes the suspension to change to full firm while the transmission and ELSD both switch to more aggressive settings as well.