Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Adjustable Pedals

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The Adjustable Pedal System is a new option that was first introduced on the 2002 models. It is designed to enable the fore and aft repositioning of the brake and accelerator pedals, bringing them up to 3 inches closer to the driver. This results in improved ergonomics in relation to the steering wheel for taller and shorter drivers. Being able to adjust the pedal positions also allows the driver to set steering wheel tilt and seat position to the most comfortable position. The position of the brake and accelerator pedals can be adjusted without compromising safety or comfort in actuating the pedals. Repositioning the pedals does not change the effort required for actuation.

Change of pedal position is accomplished by means of a motor driven screw. Operating the adjustable pedal switch activates the pedal drive motor. The pedal drive motor turns a screw that changes the position of the brake and accelerator pedals. The pedal can be moved rearward (closer to the driver) or forward (away from driver).

The accelerator pedal is moved at the same time and the same distance as the brake pedal. The accelerator pedal adjustment screw is turned by a flexible shaft slaved off the brake adjustment screw. Neither the pedal drive motor nor drive mechanism are subject to the mechanical stress of brake or accelerator application.


  • Availability: An available option on every model except for the Laredo Sport. Includes memory feature on Limited and Overland.
  • Range of Adjustment: The pedals can be adjusted up to 3 in. (75 mm)
  • Pedal Adjustment Speed: 0.5 in./sec (12.5mm/sec)
  • Pedal Adjustment Inhibitors: Pedal adjustment is inhibited when the vehicle is in reverse or when cruise control is activated.
  • Memory: The memory feature allows storing of one or two preferred pedal positions in the Adjustable Pedal Module (APM). A preferred position can be stored and recalled using the door-mounted switches. A stored pedal position can be recalled (but not stored) using the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE).
  • Adjustable Pedal Feedback Message: The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) will display a message when the APS is disabled. ie: “Adjustable Pedal Disabled – Cruise Control Engaged” or “Adjustable Pedal Disabled – Vehicle in Reverse”.
  • Damage Prevention: Foot pressure or debris can stall pedal adjustment. In order to avoid damage to system components during pedal adjustment, the APM will monitor pedal position sensor voltage. If the APM does not detect expected voltage change within 1.5 seconds, it will cut power to the adjustable pedal motor.

Adjustable Pedals assembly