Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Floor Consoles

Welcome to the in-depth page on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee floor consoles. We have organized as much information as we could find into a helpful article below. Is something incorrect or missing? Please get in touch with us and we’ll fix it!

Console removal

CAUTION: The Airbag Control Module (ACM) should be depowered by disconnecting the negative battery cable in any operation requiring the key to be turned “ON”, while working in the console area. E.G. console, carpet, or seat removal or installation; shifter linkage adjustment or replacement; parking brake cable replacement or adjustment. Failure to take proper precautions could result in accidental airbag deployment and possible personal injury.

The console is attached to the floor with 9 screws

1. Set parking brake.

2. Place the transmission shift lever and transfer case shift lever in full rearward position (toward back of vehicle).

3. Remove mat from front bin and remove the two screws attaching the bin to the floor. Remove the bin by slightly prying up on it with a trim stick or small screwdriver.

4. Remove the rubber cupholder and remove the two screws underneath it.

4. Remove the two screws inside the bottom of the rear bin and remove the bin.

6. Pull the rear passenger cupholder outward to access and remove the two screws attaching the rear of the console to the floor, as shown in the photo above right.

8. Carefully lift the console upward and rearward to remove from vehicle.

Accessing the shift gate blinds

The shift gate blinds can be assessed once the console is removed for cleaning and repair. The top shift plate cover is held on with four plastic clips, two on each side. The cover can be lifted up a couple of inches, allowing enough room to access the gate blinds. In most cases mis-aligned blinds can be readjusted into place if they are not damaged. None of the parts of the shift console are available separately, the entire unit is serviced as one piece.

Shift console lighting

The shift console uses a membrane for its lighting, there are no bulbs that can be replaced. The shift handles are a pain to remove, but you can leave them on to get to the lighting strip which is located under the shift plate cover. Check the wiring for the light strip, I believe it is an orange wire. If the light strip is defective it is not available separately, the shifter parts only come as a complete assembly.

Console parts


WJ center console parts
Description Color Part # MSRP
1. Panel, rear Agate (AZ)Camel (K5)

Taupe (L5)

Dark Slate Gray (DV)

Sandstone (T5)

Light Slate Gray (DB)

QP971AZAA (1999-2004)QP97RK5AA (1999-2004)

QP97WL5AA (1999-2004)

QP97XDVAA (1999-2004)

QP97XT5AA (1999-2004)

QP971DBAA (1999-2004)

(not priced)





(part not listed)

2. Latch, lock   5013689AA (1999, through 11-22-98)5014295AA (1999, after 11-22-98)

5014295AA (2000-2004)



3. Base, console Agate (AZ)Camel (K5)

Taupe (L5)

Dark Slate Gray (DV)

Sandstone (T5)

SH131AZAG (1999-2004)SH131K5AD (1999-2004)

SH131L5AG (1999-2004)

SH131DVAG (1999-2004)

SH131T5AG (1999-2004)





4. Screw, self-piercing (8) .164-15×625 6032452 (1999-2004) $1.35
5. Clip (2) .500x417x500 6032838 (1999-2004) $2.60
6. Clip (5) .453x.528x.017 6034319 (1999-2004) $2.25
7. Lid, console Agate (AZ)
Agate (AZ)
Agate (AZ)
Agate (AZ)
Camel (K5)
Camel (K5)
Camel (K5)Taupe (L5)
Taupe (L5)
Taupe (L5)
Taupe (L5)
Taupe (L5)Dark Slate Gray (DV)
Dark Slate Gray (DV)Sandstone (T5)
Sandstone (T5)

Leather (DB)
Leather (DB)

5FW581AZAA (1999, through 11-22-98)
5FW581AZAB (1999, after 11-22-98)
5FW581AZAB (2000-2001)
5FW581AZAC (2002)
5FW581K5AA (1999, through 11-22-98)
5FW581K5AB (1999, after 11-22-98)
5FW581K5AB (2000-2001)5FW581L5AA (1999, through 11-22-98)
5FW581L5AB (1999, after 11-22-98)
5FW581L5AB (2000-2001)
5FW581L5AC (2002)
5FW581L5AD (2003-2004)5FW581DVAC (2002)
5FW581DVAD (2003-2004)5FW581T5AC (2002)
5FW581T5AD (2003-2004)

5HY071DBAA (2002)
5HY071DBAB (2003-2004)



8. Hinge .453x.528x.017 55196773 (1999-2004) $9.70
9. Cupholder, rear Agate (AZ)Camel (K5)

Taupe (L5)
Taupe (L5)

Dark Slate Gray (DV)

Sandstone (T5)

5GL541AZAA (1999-2001)5GL541K5AA (1999-2001)

5GL541L5AA (1999-2001)
5GL541L5AC (2002-2004)

5GL541DVAC (2002-2004)

5GL541T5AC (2002-2004)





10. Housing, rear cupholder   55196718AB (1999-2001)55196718AC (2002-2004) $37.50$39.50
11. Cupholder, front   55196713AA (1999-2004) $9.75
12. Bin, rear (w/mat)   55196664 (1999, up through 11-22-98)55196664AB (1999, after 11-22-98)

55196664AB (2000-2004)



13. Mat, rear storage tray   55196665 (1999-2004) $6.35
14. Bin, front   55196667 (1999-2000)55196667AB (2001-2004) $10.85$10.85
15. Mat, front bin   55196669 (1999-2000)55196660AB (2001-2004) $6.25$5.00
16. Screw .164-18x.50 (not serviced) (1999-2004)  
17. Bumper, rubber   5066456AA (1999-2004) $3.30
18. Bracket, floor console   55196912AA (2002)55196859AA (2003-2004) $7.75$6.35
19. Smokers kit (ash receiver w/lighter)   4595823AB (1999-2004) $26.00

(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Parts are not available from this web site.)