Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Lamps & Lighting Part 3: Upgrading

Welcome to the in-depth guide on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee lighting and lamp specifications. We have organized as much information as we could find into a helpful table below. Is something incorrect or missing? Please get in touch with us and we’ll fix it!

Vehicle lighting and safety information

Before replacing any automotive bulbs with types or styles other than what the manufacturer has specified or recommended, be sure to check local and Federal laws governing vehicle lighting. An excellent reference web site for this information can be found here: Motor Vehicle Lighting Standards.

The Federal Code of Regulations governing vehicle lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment, FMVSS No. 108, is more than 100-pages long. If you’d like to read it, click here: FMVSS No. 108 Text.

Worthwhile reading:
An extensive and incredibly informative FAQ page on vehicle lighting can be found at this site: Lighting FAQ.

Exterior lighting

This section covers headlight and fog lights. Proper headlight alignment is important, as most glare is caused by lighting that is improperly aimed. The installation of certain high powered headlights may require that the harness be upgraded to handle the additional current flow. Several standard replacement bulbs are also available in “long-life” versions. These include the 9005XS, 9006XS, 3157 and 194’s. They are usually identified with the addition of “LL” at the end of the bulb number and vary between 1.5 to 2x the life of standard bulbs.

Headlamp options

There can be several advantages and disadvantages in using different lighting systems. In most States, the low beam is not supposed to exceed 55 watts and high beams are not to exceed 60 watts. It’s legal, though, to run higher wattage for “off road” use, but many drivers have used these higher-powered lights on-road. It’s best to research thoroughly to obtain different opinions and additional information before you make your upgrade decision.

Jeep uses the “straight base” style headlamp bulbs, designated by the “XS” or “X/S” in the part number. The standard 9005/9006 right-angle base bulbs used by most manufacturers can fit into sockets made for the XS bulbs but may require slight modifications or different installation techniques. Always make sure that any bulbs or lights you change/modify on your vehicle is legal and safe.

  • Replacement bulbs -Standard (straight socket):Sylvania 9005XS & 9006XS. 65/55 watts, 3280K/3140K. Premium quality.Sylvania Long Life 9005XS LL & 9006XS LL. 65/55 watts, 3100K/3050K. (1.5x life/2.0x life of standard bulb).
  • Replacement bulbs – Performance:Eaglite Xenon 9005XS & 9006XS. 100/80 watts, 4200K/4200K. Xenon bulbs provide a very white light with a slight blue hue up close. They are designed to simulate the look of true HID systems. The bulbs are optically dyed with a UV filter, which filters out the yellow light that halogen bulbs produce. The UV filter is blue which is why the bulbs look blue but appear white when lit. Eaglite Superwhite bulbs both contain high concentrations of xenon gas, which extends the life of the bulb and allows you to more safely use higher wattages. PIAA 9005 & 9006 Xtreme White Plus. 60 watts (=120w) / 51 watts (=115w), 4000K / 4000K. Requires special but simple installation technique, see Chris Henry’s article link above). More information can be found on the PIAA web site.Sylvania Silverstar 9005XS & 9006XS. 70/60 watts, 4000K/4000K. “SilverStar’s color temperature is a white hot 4,000K, far higher than other halogens on the market and com parable to HID. SilverStar shines with a luminance up to 20% greater than other halogens. A sharp profile, silver tip, and amethyst blue coating create a dramatic, high-end, crisp, clean look.”Note: Mopar now carries the Silverstar 9006 series for the Grand Cherokee. P/N PL9006XSST.
  • Harness upgrade:Anyone want to do a write-up on the Kolak harness upgrade?
  • HID kits and lamps (High Intensity Discharge):There are no true HID kits available for the WJ’s, only bulb and ballast kits. (More information soon).
    OEM Headlamp assemblies:

    Some Laredo owners have elected to change their headlight housings to the Limited versions which feature clear frnt and lower lenses, while on the other hand some Limited owners have switched their lights to the Laredo lights. A table with the part numbers for all models, along with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is featured below.

    There have been three different headlamp assemblies used on the WJ’s:

    1. Laredo (1999-2002) Dark tinted lenses, clear inside reflectors, Amber lower and side markers
    2. Laredo (2002-2004) Tinted lenses, black insides, clear lower lense, Amber side markers
    3. Limited/Overland (1999-2004) Clear front lenses, clear inside reflectors, clear lower lense, Amber side markers

Limited Headlamp assembly, front and back view

OEM Headlamp assemblies 1999-2004

Application Model Year Part # Left Part # Right MSRP
Laredo 1999-00 55155129 55155128 $299.00
Laredo 2001 55155129AB 55155128AB $299.00
Laredo 2002 55155129AB
(up thru 1/14/02, clear inside, Amber lower lens)55155129AC
(after 1/14/02, black inside
clear lower lens)
(up thru 1/14/02, clear inside, Amber lower lens)55155128AC
(after 1/14/02, black inside
clear lower lens)
Laredo 2003 55155129AC 55155128AC $280.00
Laredo 2004 55155129AG 55155128AG $280.00
Limited 1999-00 55155553AB 55155552AB $299.00
Limited 2001 55155553AB 55155552AB $299.00
Limited / Overland 2002 55155553AE 55155552AE $299.00
Limited / Overland 2003 55155553AD 55155552AD $299.00
Limited / Overland 2004 55155553AF 55155552AF $299.00

Custom colored bulbs:

Aftermarket custom color bulbs are available for the following exterior bulbs, although they are not typically legal or recommended for most on-road applications:

# 3157 (Back-up, brake, tail, turn signals)
# 161   (License plate)
# 194   (Parking, side marker)
# 921   (Center high stop light)

Upper stop light mod: Custom black vinyl decals that fit over the lens are sold by “decalman2004” and other sellers on Ebay. A search under that user name or under “Jeep brake decal” will bring up current listings.

Fog lights and lamps

Mopar Fog Light kits

For Laredos and other models that came without the factory fog light option, the same exact OEM lights are available in a Mopar accessory kit. Also includes auto headlamp feature.


  • Original equipment fog lights for factory-installed look
  • Plug-in connectors; minimal “cut-and-splice” wiring that could corrode or break over the lifetime of the light
  • Mopar fog lights use OE Wire Connectors on lights and Wire Harness
  • Wires are enclosed in a convolute sleeve for protection
  • Wired to operate only with low beam or parking lights
  • Fog light beam undercuts inclement weather, minimizes glare
  • Mopar fog lights meet appropriate SAE standards
  • Tested to ensure no interference with the cooling system operation
  • OE-style switch with telltale indicator for convenient use


Mopar Fog light kit parts

Item 1999-2003 2004
1. Light package, fog lights (includes #’s 2-15 below) 82204837 (1999-2000)82206653 (2001-2002)
(up to 10/28/01)82207798 (2002-2003)
(after 10/28/01)MSRP $195.00
82208252 (2004)
MSRP $195.00
2. Switch, multifunction 56042302AG 56042302AG
3. Relay, mini 4671168 4671168
4. Nut and washer, hex nut-sealing washer, M6 x 1.00 (x4) 34201358 (not required)
5. Bezel, fog lamp, Right (available in kit only) 82205214 50010189AA
6. Bezel, fog lamp, Left (available in kit only) 82205215 50010189AA
7. Fog lamp housing, Left 55155137AC (9055 bulb) 55156733AB (9145 bulb)
8. Fog lamp housing, Right 55155136AC (9055 bulb) 55156733AB (9145 bulb)
9. Sensor, headlamp 56042584AA 56042584AA
10. Screw, tapping (x2) (x6) 6101946 (x2) 6506579AA (x6)
11. Harness, wiring (available in kit only) (no part number) (no part number)
12. Fuse 6101488 (or #00ATM20)
(mini, 20A, yellow)
6101488 (or #00ATM20)
(mini, 20A, yellow)
13. Tie strap (x5) 4641780 (7.75 inch) 4641780 (7.85 inch)
14. Tie strap 6016155 (14.5 inch) (not required)
15. Rivet, fenderwell (x6) 34201631 (M6.25×28) 34201631 (M6.25×28)
16. bulb, fog lamp (x2) L0009 055 (1999-2002)
L0009 040 (2003)
L0009 145 (2004)

Mopar foglamp kit installation directions, front page.
Click HERE for a PDF file of all 7-pages (482kb).

  • Replacement foglamp bulbs – Standard (90 degree socket):Sylvania 9055XT. 55 watts, 2950K. Advanced halogen, long-life design.
  • Replacement foglamp bulbs – Premium:Sylvania Cool Blue bulb 9005CB. 65 watts, 3550K.Sylvania Silverstar 9005. 60 watts, 4000K. “SilverStar’s color temperature is a white hot 4,000K, far higher than other halogens on the market and comparable to HID. SilverStar shines with a luminance up to 20% greater than other halogens. A sharp profile, silver tip, and amethyst blue coating create a dramatic, high-end, crisp, clean look.”PIAA 9005 Platinum Super White. 60 watt=110w, 3800K.
  • Aftermarket foglamp assemblies:PIAA 1700X Platinum Plasma Blue Fog Lamp. 55 watts. Available in kit form with two lamps, wiring harness, relay, and switch (part # 1790). 3-15/16″ wide x 2-1/16″ high x 3″ deep. Silver PPS housing, chrome plated aluminum trim ring, and glass lens. Requires fitting adjustments.

PIAA makes more than 20 different styles and sizes of aftermarket fog lights. You can view the complete list on their web site here: PIAA fog lamps. In addition, PIAA offers many different Driving Lights including the model 912’s that Chris Henry custom fit into the lower grill of his ’01.

Lighting upgrades – interior

Many of the interior bulbs in the WJs can be replaced with different color and/or slightly different wattage bulbs. Even though some bulbs may appear identical in size and fit, it’s recommended to stay reasonably close to the original factory specified bulb sizes and specifications.

So far, only one type of interior bulb used in the WJ is available aftermarket in a different color – the # 194 which is used only for the glove compartment. However, this bulb could also be substituted for the #161 and #192 bulbs that are used in the front door courtesy lights, the ashtray, and the overhead reading lights. If colored effects are desired for other size lights such as in the Cargo area, under-panel courtesy, assist handles and the vanity visors, special bulb paints are available from several manufacturers (see the lighting links section).