Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Badges and Nameplates

Welcome to the in-depth table on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee badges and nameplates. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

Badge Location Part # MSRP* Model Year(s)
Speakers (front door) 68024539AA $ 9.00 2007-2010
Liftgate 55157095AC $27.00 2007-2008
Liftgate (right side) 68038123AA $29.95 2007-2008
Liftgate (right side) 55372784AA $39.70 2007-2010
Liftgate (left side) 55157091AA
superseded by:55157091AC
$28.85 2005-2010
Liftgate (right side) 55157092AA
superseded by:55157092AB
$26.10 2005
Liftgate (right side) 55079103AA $37.95 2007-2010
Liftgate (right side, combo set)(Note: The “5.7L” portion of “5.7L HEMI” badge was deleted on all models built on or after June 29, 2006) 55157454AA $44.25 2006
Hood 55157088AA
superseded by:55157088AC
$42.35 2005-2010
Liftgate (center) 55157089AA
superseded by:55157089AC
$42.35 2005-2010
Liftgate (left side) 55157303AB
superseded by:55157303AF
$22.35 2005-2010
Liftgate (left side) 55157090AA
superseded by:55157090AC
$28.85 2005-2010
Door (left side) 5113554AA $57.70 2008-2010
Liftgate 55157358AA $37.35 2006-2010
Door (front) 55079387AA $23.50 2005, 2007-2009
Fender (front) 55373001AA $21.75 2006
Liftgate 55079385AA $25.25 2008-2010
Liftgate (right side, 5-7/8″ x 9/16″) 5029893AA
superseded by:5029893AB
$68.95 2006-2010
Front fender, left side only
(heavier and more detailed than 2004 version)
NOTE: The following Grand Cherokees are “NOT” Trail Rated:1. All 3.7L 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive WK’s are NOT Trail Rated.2. All 4.7L and 5.7L 2-wheel drive WK’s are NOT Trail Rated.
superseded by:55157317AB
$28.60 2005-2010
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of November, 2010. Parts are not available from this web site.


Exterior badge removal

NOTE: Exterior nameplates are attached to body panels with adhesive tape.

1. Apply a length of masking tape on the body, parallel to the top or bottom edge of the nameplate to use as a guide, if necessary. An additional piece of tape can also be placed on the left or right side of the badge for more accurate alignment when reinstalling.

2. If temperature is below 21°C (70°F) warm emblem with a heat lamp or gun. Do not exceed 52°C (120°F) when heating emblem. A hair dryer may also be used.

3. Insert a plastic trim stick or a hard wood wedge behind the emblem to separate the adhesive backing from the body. A short length of fishing line can also be used.

4. Clean adhesive residue from body with MOPAR Super Clean solvent or equivalent.


1. Remove protective cover from adhesive tape on back of emblem.

2. Position emblem properly on body.

3. Press emblem firmly to body with palm of hand.

4. If temperature is below 21°C (70°F) warm emblem with a heat lamp or gun to assure adhesion. Do not exceed 52°C (120°F) when heating emblem.