Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Exterior and Interior Color Options


Welcome to the showcase page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee interiror and exterior color options. Did we miss anything? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!

Exterior colors

The new 2005 Grand Cherokee was launched with eight different exterior color choices. New colors were Deep Beryl Green Pearl Coat, Light Khaki Metallic and Dark Khaki Pearl Coat. These colors were introduced in the middle to latter part of the 2004 model year. Inferno Red Crystal replaced Inferno Red Tinted in early 2005.


WK exterior colors 05 06 07 08 09 10 Paint
Brush p/n
Spray p/n
 1. Light Khaki Metallic Clear Coat X X         AJC PJC 05083325AA 05083326AA 64023
 2. Dark Khaki Pearl Coat X X         BJT PJT 04889945AA 04889946AA 66928
 3. Light Graystone Pearl
(discontinued Nov 2008)
  X X X X X EDA PDA 05163102AA 05163103AA 73905
 4. Mineral Gray Metallic     X X     CDM PDM 04889921AB 04889922AA 65886
 5. Deep Beryl Green
(discontinued January 2006)
X X         CGV PGV 04889949AA 04889950AA 67074
 6. Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Coat X           WEL PEL 05013697AA 05013698AA 56148 / 49762
 7. Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat
(returning Feb 23, 2009)
X X     X X ARH PRJ 04889836AA 04889837AA 63816
 8. Red Rock Crystal Pearl Coat
(discontinued Nov. 17, 2008)
    X X X   EEM PEM 05163099AA 05163100AA 73906
 9. Stone White Clear Coat X X X X X X SW1 PW1 04864104 04864105 51539
 10. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat X X X X X   WSB PSB 05013709AA 05013710AA 57270
 11. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat           X WS2 PS2 04889427AB 04889428AA 56150
 12. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat
(discontinued May 8, 2005; reinstated January 2008)
X     X X X AXR PXR 04889820AA 04889821AA 63818
 13. Black Clear Coat
(available starting May 9th, 2005; discontinued January 2008)
X X X X     DX8 PX8 05127570AA 05127571AA 58311
 14. Midnight Blue Pearl Coat
(discontinued February 6, 2006)
X X         BB8 PB8 04889866AA 04889867AA 64944
 15. Steel Blue Metallic Clear Coat
(production startup April 3, 2006; discontinued 1st quarter 2008)
  X X X     PDM PBM 05163023AA 05163022AA 69052
 16. Jeep Green Metallic Clearcoat
(available starting February 2006; formerly known as Wildwood Green; discontinued Nov. 10, 2008)
  X X X X   CGJ PGJ 04889939AA 04889940AA 66752
 17. Olive Green Clearcoat
(available starting April 2008)
      X X   FFG PFG 05163232AA 05163233AA 77423
 18. Modern Blue Clearcoat
(available starting March 2008)
      X X X EBL PBL 05163090AA 05163091AA 73205
Clear topcoat   1-C 04443637 04443632 n/a
Corrosion Inhibitor   1-P 82300508 82300068 n/a
Primer/Filler   2-P 04443636 04443633 n/a


WK Bumper / Cladding / Fascia / Trim colors Paint Code
Driftwood VF7
Taupe WLP
Dark Blue YBM
Dark Red Garnet YR8
Onyx Green ZJQ
Deep Gray ZSP
Inferno Red PEL
Bright Silver PSB


Interior colors

For the interior, the 2005 Grand Cherokee will feature three new colors. Laredo models will be available in two colors, Khaki and Medium Slate Gray while Limited models will be available in three choices, Dark Khaki/Light Graystone (shown below), Khaki and Medium Slate Gray.

2005 Limited interior, shown in Dark Khaki / Light Graystone

2005 Laredo interior, shown Light Graystone

2008 Limited interior, shown in Dark Khaki / Light Graystone

2008 SRT8 interior, Dark Khaki



WK interior trim colors Paint Code Mopar spray p/n
Light Graystone BD1 05134798AA
Medium Slate BD5 05134799AA
Slate Gray XDH 05069093AA
Medium Khaki ZJ3 05101904AA
Dark Khaki ZJ8 05134797AA

Seat colors and materials: