Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Mopar Rear-Seat DVD Entertainment System

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A rear DVD entertainment system was a factory option on all 2005-2009 Grand Cherokee models. For 2005 and 2006 the screen size was 7″. It was increased to 8″ for the 2008 models and to 9″ for 2009 models. It was discontinued for the 2010 model year.

The optional DVD entertainment system consists of a center-console-mounted DVD player with an overhead active matrix LCD display integrated into the headliner, a wireless remote control and two wireless headsets. In addition to video DVDs, the system plays audio DVDs, audio CDs, MP3 audio discs and video CDs. There are also plug-in jacks on the housing to show video from a video camera, to connect video games for display on the screen, and to play music directly from an MP3 player.

A unique feature of the DVD entertainment system, operated by the remote control unit and made possible by the vehicle’s Controller Area Network system, is the ability of the vehicle speakers to play audio from a disc in the DVD player while the headphones play audio from the satellite radio, AM/FM radio, or a disc in the radio CD player.

“Chrysler Group’s vehicle communications strategy places an emphasis on creating a safe driving environment through practical innovations, while enabling customers to choose the services they want,” said Withrow. “It’s all about simplicity, safety, freedom and flexibility.”


Mopar Accessory Rear Seat Video DVD Entertainment Systems (overhead and headrest)

The DVD player is integrated into either the headliner, console, in-dash or NEW, the headrest. Audio can be accessed through the vehicle’s sound system and/or through wireless headphones. An auxiliary input is provided for a video camera, CD, MP3 and video games. Additional headphones and remote control can be purchased separately.

7″ screen and player headrest                                              10″ overhead LCD TFT screen


2005-2007 Grand Cherokee

A.  7″ overhead LCD screen. Includes screen, center console mounted CD/DVD player, remote control and two wireless headphones.

p/n 82208820. MSRP $1395.00

Installation manual


2008-2010 Grand Cherokee

B.  10″ overhead LCD TFT screen. Single-disc DVD player, AUX inputs. For vehicles without a sunroof. Includes two sets of IR headphones and a remote control.

p/n 82210914AD. MSRP $1195.00

Installation manual

C.  8″ overhead screen (same as production). For vehicles with sunroof. Must have DVD-capable radio (will not work with the RES radio).

p/n 82211244. MSRP $825.00 (Dark Slate)
p/n 82211434. MSRP $850.00 (Graystone)

Installation manual

D.  9″ overhead screen (same as production). For vehicles with sunroof. Must have DVD-capable radio (will not work with the RES radio).

p/n 82211704. MSRP $949.00 (Dark Slate)
p/n 82211758. MSRP $949.00 (Khaki)
p/n 82211759. MSRP $949.00 (Graystone)

Installation manual

E.  7″ Integrated head restraint / headrest DVD player/screen (set of 2). Includes remote and two headphones. Additional headphone sold separately (p/n 82211921 – MSRP $69.00). Additional remote sold separately (p/n 82211922 – MSRP $25.00).

p/n 82211824AB. MSRP $1625.00 (Color and Material: Dark Slate Gray Cloth)
p/n 82211825AB. MSRP $1625.00 (Color and Material: Dark Slate Gray Leather, Laredo models)
p/n 82211827AB. MSRP $1625.00 (Color and Material: Dark Slate Gray Leather, Limited models)


Rear DVD system headphones and remote

VES owners manual (PDF)


Note: See the WK Factory audio systems section for radios that are compatible with the VES system.