There may come a time when you find that your tires are rubbing a bit when you are turning hard left or right. Some folks tend to ignore this while others prefer to do something about it. For those that want to address the issue, it is very simple to adjust your steering stops to prevent your tires from rubbing (usually the lower control arms) when you turn the wheel all the way in one direction.

The picture above shows the steering stop adjuster (circled bolt) on the passenger side steering knuckle.  To adjust it, remove the bolt with a wrench (pay no attention to the welded on nut) and slip one or more washers onto the bolt and replace it.  The more washers you install, the less you will be able to turn your steering.  To reduce tire rubbing when turning left, adjust the steering stop on the right side of the vehicle.  To reduce tire rubbing when turning right, adjust the steering stop on the left side of the vehicle.

That is it, folks.  Nothing to it.  Easy to do and guaranteed to reduce your tire rubbing (and your turning radius).  Most folks find that one to three washers will do the job.  Experiment a bit and see what works best for you.  Don’t put in more washers than you need as doing so will simply reduce your ability to make tight turns.  On the trail or in a tight parking lot, making tight turns can be a good thing!

Good trails and remember to TREAD Lightly!