Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Wiring Diagrams and Pinouts

Welcome to the in-depth page on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee wiring diagrams and pinouts. We have organized as much information as we could find into a helpful article below. Is something incorrect or missing? Please get in touch with us and we’ll fix it!

Radio connectors

1999-2001 (2x 7-pin)

2002-2004 (22-pin + 10-pin)


Base radio
(without CD changer & PCI connectors)
Connectors were changed starting in MY 2002


Premium radio
(with changer (C4) & PCI (C3) connectors)
2002-2004 closeup view of connectors


RB1 Navigation Radio

Wiring and pinouts



                 Base Audio system wiring                                                                                   Base Audio system wiring


                   Premium Audio system wiring                                                  Premium Audio system wiring

                    Radio connector pinouts                                                                                     Radio connector pinouts

                        CD Changer wiring                                                                          CD Changer wiring


Radio Remote Control wiring

Infinity Amplifier pinouts

10-disc CD changer pinouts

10-pin to 8-pin CD changer adaptor cable
(P/N 508971AA)

Radio adaptor harness
(P/N 82207541)

Aftermarket amp power hook-up